Parts for sale Magura HS33, Seat/post, handle/starfighter --KH ISIS cranks

Three parts for sale here:

KHMoment ISIS 137mm cranks $45.00
KHMoment ISIS 125-150 dual hole $50.00

Seat/post brake bundle
As pictured, I have a KH Fusion Gel seat w/ rail adapter, KH 25.4 Post cut to 5 1/8", and a Magura hydraulic HS33 with handle and starfighter extender. This would be best suited for a shorter rider ( 5"2"-5-10") who wants to add a brake to their 29 or 36 Uni. I say that because the hydraulic line and post are on the short side. You’ll need the older style braze on mounts on your KHframe to accommodate. $100 for the bundle