Parts for sale Magura HS33, Seat/post, handle/starfighter --KH ISIS cranks

Three parts for sale here:

KHMoment ISIS 137mm cranks $45.00
KHMoment ISIS 125-150 dual hole $50.00

Seat/post brake bundle
As pictured, I have a KH Fusion Gel seat w/ rail adapter, KH 25.4 Post cut to 5 1/8", and a Magura hydraulic HS33 with handle and starfighter extender. This would be best suited for a shorter rider ( 5"2"-5-10") who wants to add a brake to their 29 or 36 Uni. I say that because the hydraulic line and post are on the short side. You’ll need the older style braze on mounts on your KHframe to accommodate. $100 for the bundle

Hello! Are these KHMoment cranks still available?

Hi yes, both sets are still available.

Would you sell just the rail adapter by itself? Can you possibly give me a few pictures or links to picture of what the rail adapter looks like?

Hi Nathan, rather not part out for the rail adapter. As it renders most of the other associated parts not useable. The price for the bundle is likely high, figuring they’d be some negotiation. I guess I could take the magura brake and starfighter out of the mix. Seat, post and rail adapter for $40?
Magura Bundle seat_post_HS33(2)

The KH post is short, only about 5 1/4"

I understand you not wanted to split up the parts. i think I’m going to wait and do a little more research and maybe see if anyone else may have just a rail adapter laying around.

What kind of shape are the spline interfaces and pedal threads in on these two sets of cranks?

How much life would you say they have left in them?

I am working on some build projects and if these are in solid shape, they may work well for me.

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