best unicyclist of all time

im gonna need a list of names which ican later put into a poll

anything just best over all

kris has my vote for trials and muni

i dont follow the others well enough to know


What do you mean by “best”?

I can think of a few names of people who I consider to be the “best” at promoting unicycling.

I can think of a few names of people who I consider to be the “best” at building unicycles.

I can think of a few names of people who I consider to be the “best” at running unicycling clubs.

I can think of a few names of people who I consider to be the “best” in various other ways.

If you simply want to know who is the fastest/highest/most artistic/most skilled/.etc then review the results from NAUCC (and other national championships in locales where they are held) and UNICON.

One of the fundamental reasons for these events is to objectively compare riders and their skills.

If, however, you’re just looking for an uninformed opinion then:

I’m the best!


These events are

That’s obvious…me for all styles. :smiley:

Re: best unicyclist of all time

MUni: Kris Holm, Dylan Wallinger
trials: Kris Holm, Ryan Atkins
street: Ryan Atkins, Dan Doerkson, Dan Heaton, unifreak7

Muni: Kris Holm
Trials: Ryan Atkins
Street: Dan Heaton, Dan Doerksen, Kevin McMullin
Freestyle: Don’t know enough people that do it

Style: Name of Best . . . [ One more that’s good ]
Muni: Kris Holm . . . [ ]
Trials: Ryan Atkins . . . [ Kris Holm ]
Street: Dan Heaton . . . [ Kevin McMullin ]
Freestyle: Ryan Woessner . . . [ Julien Monney ]

muni: dylan wallinger… i love his muni style
trials: ryan for sure
street: kevin mcmullin (hey, thats me!)
freestyle: i like dan heatons freestylishness and how he can mix it up some. its not really freestyle, but street at the same time. i dont know, but hes the best.


Muni: Kris Holm, Dylan Wallinger
Trials: Kris Holm, Zack Balwdin
Street: Dan Doerkson, Dan Heaton
I wouldn’t really know for freestyle, because I don’t follow it very closely.

Re: Re: best unicyclist of all time

dylan wallinger is just as good as alot of people that you dont see in films. thats the problem, if you dont go to muni events, then you just see the people in videos. and some people dont show up in videos, and they can be better than alot of people.

ok so now how many votes were influenced by Universe and Universe 2?

all time is a bit of a far fetched thing to vote on concidering how long people have been riding Street trials and Muni.

Anyway my vote for best unicyclist of all time is Geroge Peck.

My votes for Dylan and Doerkson were influenced by Universe2, but I have seen Ryan, Jeff, Zack, Kris, and Dan H. all ride up close(they kicked a$$), and thats why…

Oh, yah and George rocks, cause he was like the guy that like birthed mountain Uni to the populous, back in the day…

For freestyle, I think a lot of people would agree that Kazihero (I think I’m murdering the spelling) from Japan wins. I’m taking into account his AMAZING smoothness, and his unbelievable standup coasting skills. He is probably the best artistic freestyle rider.

Ryan Woessner and Julian Monney are also at the top. Julian said he doesn’t ride much anymore. If was still practicing 6 hours a day like he used to, I’m sure he would be the best. Ryan has an incredible set of skills. He isn’t as artistic as Kazihero in my opinion, but he rocks my world.

Ryan won expert mens ind. freestyle, so he is the best in the world according to that.

Simon Wells is one of the most fun freestylers to watch… he’s also up there.

Also, Irene from TCUC is really good. But her hotness makes her exceptionally good.



I think that Kaori Mattsuzawa Is the best female Freestyler allive!!! Oh and I love her!


100% of mine were!

Yeah zack that could be because shes your girlfriend that you met at unicon in japan were u won the trials world championship and did really good in the other events!!! Wow you are so good at trials!!!

-Brian Lundgren

Ya even if Bryan Rides with his seat hella low He is one of the best street riders I know. He goes big on everything!!


I don’t know about of all time, I’ve only been unicycling 3yrs,

Distance: Lars Clauson
Speed: Seisuke Kobayashi
Endurance: Takayuki Koike (holds the 100mile record currently)
Adventure: Nathan Hoover and Kris Holm (influenced by ITTD and Unizaba, Nathan pips Kris by having done the NUT, and multiple-continent 24hr races as well)
Freestyle: M: Ryan Woessner, Simon Wells a close 2nd; F: Sayaka Kan (?sp), Irene Genelin
Trials: Kris Holm
Street: Ryan Atkins, Dan Heaton
MUNi: technical- Kris Holm; racing- current MUni champ Seisuke (above), but don’t know how well he’d do in a longer mountainbike race

Re: best unicyclist of all time

For freestyle I would additionally nominate Sem Abrahams and Leo
Vandewoestijne, although I don’t know how they hold up against the
other nominees, none of which I’ve seen in real life.

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The subject line says “Best unicyclist of all time.” To be worthy of such a title, I think the person should have some staying power. MUni and Trials are so new, I don’t think they’re ready to register on that, unless of course you make categories for them.

Based on the original question, I still have to say Mel Hall.

Breaking it down, it gets both easier and harder. The winner should be someone who not only is good at the cagegory, but has influenced its development as well.

MUni is easy: Kris Holm.

Trials is also easy: Kris Holm. Without him we might not even have organized Trials competitions.

Freestyle? Much harder. How about Emiko Kimura? She is the coach of the Toyoda Unicycle Club. She created the style of unicycling you now see in Japan. She has really elevated it to an art form.

But uh-oh, I don’t know if she can ride one. So maybe this needs to be a separate category. Here are some other examples of people famous in unicycling, though not because of their riding:
Bill Jenack
Tom Miller
John Drummond
Alan Tepper