Best Uni Photo thread


Well, Im rather bored right now, and i thought it might be cool to start a thread where everyone posts 1-2 of thier best unicycling pics…

So, bacicly, post what you think is the best photo you have on your computer.

Il start:

That’s a pretty terrible picture actually… no offence, but it’s blurry and not-centered.

It’s about that time of year again anyway, best of photos of 2005.

Maybe we could do that on this thread.

I’m sure there’ll be heaps this year, considering there were 2 big Unitours and lot’s of cool stuff happening.


Shut it Murde, it was snaged from a video.

Yeah… not very extreme i admit… just like the way the moon ended up … and the sky!

Grind at SBCC, photo by my friend Alex.


This seatdragging shot is probably the best picture from 2005 that I’ve got on my computer. Its of Marquise at our Huntville AL MUni Rendezvous from spring 2005. Not a great picture, but a great kid. The other shot is of the MUniers just before launch on a mystical morning.


shonuf group littler.jpg

Evan, that’s still doesn’t make a good picture out of a bad one. I was just saying when you say “good picture” there are certain things that need to be taken into account.

This is my favourite pic of me.

It´s on our first uni meeting here in Stockholm, it was spring time and the weather was starting to get better. I rode my 24" Nimbus beacuse that was the only uni I had at the time. Now I have a KH20 and a Bc wheel too. Time flies away i guess…

I posted this pic over in MR when it was first taken.
I love the kick-up mount and I particularly like this pic of me in the middle of one
that I didn’t land - does that make it a bad pic?

I originally posted this pic over in MR.
I love the kick-up mount and I particularly like this pic of moi in the middle of one…

…I didn’t land. Does that make it a bad pic?

I told you that was an awsome picture!

Are you going to ride with zack any over your break?

-Sabin i think it’s good.

I´d say this is one of the best that I have now on my computer. :slight_smile:

Here’s one:

Forrest logridesky.JPG

Nice one forrest. I’ve got a really cool and happy picture of me making bubbles on a coker… I’ll upload it once I get home.

Great shots! Except the first one. Thanks for starting the thread, but as a video frame capture, it’s not going to compete well with actual photographs. Compared with other frame captures I’m sure it will be much more powerful. One of my favorite shots above is the “Ooh, look at the pretty flower!” A great variation on the theme.

My shot is from 2004, but it won the grand prize in the Kodak EasyShare Gallery’s Share Your Summer Shots contest this year. No hoopla on the contest, but it does seem to be official! Still waiting for the check…

The picture was taken at the 2004 NAUCC in the Salt Lake City area. Rolf Thompson organized several trail rides during the convention, and this one was one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever been on. Pictured are Spencer Thompson, a little guy, and Rolf Thompson, riding somewhere around 8000’ or so on a ride that went as high as near 9000’.


only one i really have. pretty much the saem as my avatar.