best type of shoes for uni?

i want to get a good pair of shoes for uni because my skate shoes are to fat wut is a good shoe that is thin and i will have good movement with for tricks. :thinking:

I’ve used converse, pumas, and light weight hikers (5.10s would be good) and they all worked fine for me. converse are the best for freestyle, but don’t have enough padding/support for big stuff.

Nike SBs are what I use and I like them alot…although they are really thrashed now

i like something with a stiff sole big hiking boots work well for me

? skate shoes are the best!

Maybe try BMX shoes. Ive ridden a bit with some Orchids. I think they were a bit more narrow… They worked well. Though they are still quite wide.

At least for MUni, I’ve never owned a better shoe[SIZE=2]. [/SIZE]Ultra comfy, great fit, padded ankle protection, amazing grip. Since I started using this particular shoe, I have not had a single ankle inversion injury/sprain. Drop with confidence!
They are quite simply the best!

(Hmm, Five Ten should sponsor me too! That would make three!)
I’m buying my third pair this week! They are long wearing as it is, but even longer when you switch from day to day.[SIZE=2][SIZE=1]:smiley:

D_285 FIVHI5.jpg

These are also my favorite unicycling shoes. They have fantastic grip.

One thing I would say is they’re by no means complete ankle protection. I’ve sprained my ankle twice while wearing them.

Someone should come in here and say that there is no one “best” shoe for “unicycling.” There are too many different kinds of unicycling.

I just got my Five Tens, at the recommendation of forum users. Excellent for road, and I’m sure they’ll be great for MUni as well. I would hate them for doing tricks though. For that I’d want more “feel” through my feet, and the need for a stiff sole is basically not there. For that I still prefer turf shoes, or something with a studded bottom for tire grip.

Meanwhile, the Five Tens have very grippy rubber. So grippy in fact, that I had a hard time repositioning my feet on my pinned pedals. I’m used to a textured shoe that’s easier to adjust by twisting my foot around. Once I get used to these I’ll be able to ride with more confidence than ever! There is also some tread on the soles, but not as much as the turf shoes I prefer, and the stiff soles would make them a poor choice if you plan to do lots of wheel walking or other non-pedaling tricks.

BTW, hard-soled shoes are probably also very good for landing drops, so they’re probably good for straight Trials as well, though less useful for Street or any trick-based forms of riding.

Ok let me clarify; By ankle protection, I’m referring to the fact that it protects against scraping/shredding your ankle on the edges of the cranks or whatever. I should also stress again, that since I’ve been using these shoes, the incidence of any type of ankle injury, including sprains, has gone down to…Zero! Luck? Coincidence? Improved technique. More confidence? Whatever the reason, they seem to work for me, and I love 'em!:smiley:

I agree they do protect pretty well from ankle scrapes and such.