Best trials/street uni possible.

I know its a bit off topic, but I didn’t want to start a new thread on such a simple little question so here it is:

Will a 28.6mm seat clamp for bikes fit on a KH frame (27.2mm I think)? I see Smilymarco has a Hope clamp which I can only find in 28.6mm, so I guess it will fit my KH frame.

Revised wishlist.
K1 32 hole light hub
Echo SL 32 hole rim
Monty Eagle Claw tire (side nobbies removed)
Double butted spokes w/ odyssey g-sport aluminum nipples
Onza Tensile Cranks or new K1 light cranks (whichever is lighter)
KH20 '09 frame
Wellgo MG-1 pedals with Ti spindles
Thomson Masterpeice seatpost
KH street saddle on Swallis carbon base

All flat black powdercoated. Sub-ten pounds :smiley:

I’ll have something close to that if I get a CF frame. The only differences would be that I have a nimbus hub, MEC tyre, and a V!Z blue rim. It’s still a sweet setup though when I get it all built.

I can’t seem to find the V!Z rim, can you post a link to it?

Get this one;)

No. it won’t fit your KH frame. you’ll need a 31,8mm. don’t know where to get it…

To me, it just seems that a 31,8 would fit worse than a 28.6… :thinking:

No, the 28.6 would not even fit a 27.2 frame

I got mine at, but that is here in the states. I don’t know a store that sells them where you are. I’ll look.

no, the outside diameter of a KH frame is 31.8mm, but a 28.6mm fits on a Nimbus frame…I think…

EDIT: Wow, I didn’t know it was already answered, well…yup…

So its 31.8mm, thanks for the help.