Best trials/street uni possible.

kh street
swallis base
thompson sp
k1 clamp
kh frame stripped
kh moments (137)
animal pedals
either kh moment or nimbus isis hub

I rode like 6 unicycle setups in 3 years, and I finaly found my match:

-KH Street fusion sadle
-CF seatbase
-Qu-ax “reinforced” seatpost with shim.
-Koxx One double bolt Black Mirror clamp
-Koxx One XTP frame
-Koxx One hub
-Koxx One Light cranks (140mm long)
-Sapim silver spokes and niples
-Try-All Black Mirror trial rim
-Monty Eagle Claw 19x2.6" trial tire
-Black Specialized Magnesium pedals

At a weight of 5147grams, it’s light and still strong.

Peter M

I guess a triton frame is out of the question now.

This will be my setup by the end of fall.
Kris Holm 20" Frame (powdercoated flat black) - $200 USD
Kerosian custom 32 hole hub (with profile ti axle) - $330 USD (I paid only 169 cause I made it! :D)
Profile 145 cranks (maybe the magnutanium ones?) - $99 USD
DOB Magnesium rim 19" - $70 USD
Thomson Masterpiece seatpost - $130 USD (I paid alot less)
Atomlab GI pedals - $30 USD
Monty Eagle Claw tire - $45 USD
Sapim spokes - approx. $30 USD
Scott Wallis seatbase - $120 USD
KH Fusion Street saddle - $60 USD
Total Cost - $1,114 and a BIG smile (true cost - 848 for money saved on seatpost and hub)
Any holes in this setup? :smiley: Also what seatclamp should I use, keep in mind weight weenie-ism.

Then XTP for trials and KH 20" (or BD 2?) for street.

If I ever go down to Peoria I need to try that! (If you consider me worthy to ride such a sweet machine)

I’m getting this :

Luxury seat
Pit Fighter 2
Yellow Koxx clamp
XTP frame
Eagle Claw tire
Koxx yellow rim
Koxx reinforced hub
Koxx light cranks
Straitline Pedals

Should be fun.

Hooray for fixed shoulder. Come the autumn.

:sunglasses: All are worthy, I’m going to be making a few of these hubs too, if I can get things rolling the way I want them to. Anybody know where to get Ti ISIS axles from? My previous source is flakey.

nice, glad to see you’re uni’ing again.

My dream setup :slight_smile: Nice for allround

  • KH Fusion Street Saddle - CF Base - KH Handle & Bumper
  • KH Seatpost
  • Blue K1 Clamp
  • 05 Stripped KH Frame (lighter than a Powdercoated one)
  • Try-All Tire
  • Blue K1 Rim
  • Black spokes
  • Nimbus ISIS Hub
  • KH Moment Cranks 137s
  • Wellgo MG1 Pedals

I think that would be my dream setup, mine existing uni is only 4 things away…so soon :slight_smile:

I’m only a little bit jealous of the fram:p

I’m only a little bit jealous of the frame:p

Well… with the TI hub it will be something like that:

KH Ti hub
KH 08 rim
Tensile cranks
MG-1 pedals
Monty Eagle Claw
NImbus Ti frame (as soon as it will be out) or KH 08
Hope seatclamp (best singlebolt like tested in UNI)
Quax reinforced seatpost
modded KH seat with CF base

My dream uni (i have it exept the frame… i have a KH 07)

I could buy the most expensive, state-of-the-art trials/street set up imaginable, and I would still suck, lol! :o Ok now I’ve just motivated myself to go outside and try to crankflip and learn that donkey kick/flip thing!:smiley:

How do you find the MG-1’s for pedal grabs/how long have you had them.

This is quite similar to what I would have for my dream uni, I’ll be getting that wheel hopefully by winter, but I have the rest as far as I like it.

I like them. I had my first pair for over a year, then the spindle fell off. Same with my second and now im riding my third pair.

what im getting/best thing
k1 hub/kh ti hub
drilled tryall rim(its not the best but it has pretty colors:D )
k1 street cranks(i would find some way to make them fit nicely)
tryall pedals/idk maybe the magnesium ones with the ti spindle
tryall black/tryall white
black devil frame/triton sponge
k1 colored clamp/k1 or kh colored clamp
reinforced tryall/quax
k1 seat (again pretty colors:D)
idk watever is standard/scott wallis seat base

KH street seat
KH handle
CF bumper
CF base
thompson post
any clamp that’s strong will do…
triton frame
KH 08 wheelset w/ ti hub (Maybe get a custom made 32 hole hub so I could get a better rim? :astonished: )
try-all tire

Nimbus Titanium Frame
KH 09 wheel set with Ti Moment hub
Onza Tensile cranks
KH 09 fusion street
KH 09 forged seat post
Monty Eagle Claw tyre
Wellgo MG1 with titanium axles/ odyssey twisted glow in the dark pedals
Some single bolt clamp (can’t find any good ones?)

My dream setup would be something like:

-Kh seat cover
-A thin K1 foam
-KH style CF base
-Normal handle and bumper. Dunno if they’re called anything special. EDIT: I would prefer a cut up garden hose or something like that as bumper.
-Qu-Ax reinforced seatpost. (Never seen one of them, but they should be strong :p)
-EB20 CF frame
-White TryAll Stiky
-KH08 rim
-The strongest spokes and nipples. I’m having a lot of trouble with the stock KH spokes and nipples at the moment.
-KH ti hub
-Tensile cranks
-Qu-Ax magnesium pedals.

There’s probably some parts that you know about, which are stronger/lighter while still being as light/strong, but I don’t know about them. :slight_smile: