Best trials/street uni possible.

Considering price isn’t an issue, what do you think would be the best possible trials/street possible.

I’ll start from the top up.

Saddle- Kris Holm Street Fusion, with lefty Wallis carbon fiber death grip.
Base- Carbon fiber of course.
Seat post- Powdercoated black Qu-ax reinforced.
Clamp- K1 blue clamp.
Frame- Kris Holm frame powdercoated black.
Hub- K1 reinforced hub.
Cranks- K1 street cranks.
Pedals- Some sorta blue pedals I suppose.
Rim- Blue try-all rim.

Any holes in this build?

Other than that it’s a pretty sound setup, what tire?

I would get a plastic KH handle. The deathgrip is nice for holding onto normally but in street it can be nice to have a symmetrical grip.

Triton frame for sure and a tryall nondrilled. I would also get a nimbus hub and 145mm cranks from quax isis.

i would get 125 moments… :slight_smile: (Though K1 street cranks are definitely good for street/flat, but if you want to do trials moments are the best hybrid).

Thompson seat post, monty eagle claw tyre, black domina or triton frame. And cranks and hub could be different depending on the rider. I’d also put a koxx-one saddle cover on the KH saddle :P. Pedals would be some sort of magnesium ones probably or some sort of plastic if the rider prefers plastic.

Magnesium pedals are quite easy to shatter/shear a pin out, which may not be the best option for trials.
So I’ve heard.

O ok. I know nothing about them except they’re expensive and light :stuck_out_tongue:

thats about as much as i know too, though a guy i know who rides them claims that they degrade quickly

Kh uni, 137mm cranks. CF base.

Realy? Thats od because I ride trials with magnesium Specialized pedals (not the gold ones) for over a year now.
No pins broken or nothing shattered.
The magnesium pedals K1 and Qu-ax use do tend to have that problem, but not mine.
Picture of my pedals (grind plate was just a test):

Pedals on my unicycle

Peter M

The unicycle i am riding right now is definitely my favorite of all the unis I’ve ever ridden.

Seat- SW CF threaded base, SIF grips W/ Deathgrip and CF bumper
Post- Thompson Elite direct connect to base.
Frame- KH 06
Wheel- The new KH hub/rim built by me, maxxis tire and odyssey pedals.

The seat is really what sets it apart, strong, light, and zero flex.

A Eagle Claw and then a different pair of pedals maybe, since Oddysseys are kinda heavy. But if it works then it’s good.

I really want to try these pedals.

what I would want right now for a mod uni would be this.

KH seat cover
Luxury Foam
Swallis Base,
Deathgrip Handle,
Thomson Post,
K1 Clamp,
XTP Frame
White Tryall Tire
K1 rim,
Primo Spokes,
Nimbus ISIS Hub
KH Moment 137mm Cranks
Straitline Pedals

My setup is just about prefect.

-Triton Sponge frame
-Carbon Fiber seat base/KH street foam/K1 leopard cover
-CrMO post (so strong), “replacement” PitFighterII would be nice :roll_eyes: , however I am worried about strength
-Single bolt clamp
-K1 reinforced hub/135 Street cranks
-Tryall drilled rim
-Shaved Luna Trials tire
-Primo spokes
-Odyssey Twisted Plastic pedals

Triton Frame
TryAll undrilled with reinforced hub
KH Fusion street with carbon base
K1 Street Cranks
PitFighter (or isn’t the PitFighter as strong as it should be?)
TryAll Sticky tire
Oddysey Trialmix

Or something like that?

as for the strength of the pitfighter. There is a pitfighter II for a reason. I broke my PF in two months. IF you want strength go steel, if you want light go aluminum, if you want both go Thomson, of course you will need a Wallis base for that.

Besides pedals rime and tire, pretty close eh.

  • K1 Luxury seat with carbon fibre base.
  • Alu Post
  • Kris Holm Frame
  • Carbon fibre clamp
  • The new 32 hole Kris Holm hub (is to be released 2013)
  • Titanium spokes
  • DOB Magnesium rim
  • Try-all light cranks
  • DMR V12 Magnesium pedals with titanium axles.
  • Monty Eagle Claw tire

Would be using it strictly for trials.

A little modifications.

in not an expert but i think a normal KH20 trials with a cf base, better pedals and maybe better hub