Best trials rim?

Cody probably weighs around 150, the others I dont know. I weigh 191, and havent done anything to it yet, and I have bottomed out, pinched it on corners/rials/rocks, and took it off plenty of drops around 6 feet high.

ok so it sounds like i should definately be fine.:smiley:

Yep. Just a little maintenance every now and then will be good though, but then again, I do that anyways to every part of my uni. Its a good habit to get into.

what’s the ERD on these?

The nimbus trials rim is probably my pick. I’m surprised no-one has mentioned it. It’s only 475g, it’s undrilled, has nipple eyelets and is 42mm wide (5mm less than KH and k1 rims but much wider than alex dx).

And I’ve landed sideways down 4 sets when I’ve screwed up 180’s and it’s still completely true.

I have just realised there are a series of cracks around about a quater of the inside wall of my rim, I am guessing this is bad and my rim cant have much longer to live. I think I might go for the k1 reinforced rim Is it worth the extra money over the 07 KH rim?

Well, I rode such a rim and they are strong.
I think it’s worth the extra cash since it needs a real hard rider to break or crank them.
Didn’t think I heard of any rider breaking it.

I kind of screwed myself over when I bought a DX a couple years ago. It’s great, other than its compatebility problem. The alex dx32 rim which is on it is 48hole, as is the hub. The dx32 is really narrow, and I’m finding myself wanting a wider rim. The only wide 48 hole rim is the qu-ax trials rim, but its very heavy. So my options are to either get a heavy but wide rim, or get a whole new wheel.

It really isnt too heavy.

Ive been thinking of getting a new rim, cause a drilled rim just doesnt hold well enough for me, but im waiting for Kris to release his updated rim, and if that still doesnt hold well, im going to get a Koxx undrilled rim.

Or move to a Qu-Ax wheelset.

Have you mailed kris? I may do now, if you think hes going to be bringing out a new, stronger rim.

My favourite trials rim is the 05 KH. It’s 42mm wide, not holes, light. Just my favourite from what i’ve ridden.

I absolutely hate the kh05 rim. It can barely hold my tire, and I always fold on everything. A wide rim is very import imo. Maybe when you get older (and heavier), you will change your mind.

That’s odd. Tons of people ride Alex DX32 rims which are 38mm wide, like Zack and Ryan in Defect, and they rode those for years, and they were big plus it is even narrower than a 05 KH. That’s my opinion. Everyone is different.

The type of tire makes a difference too.

Wide rims are WAY overrated.

for street, yes. For trials, wide rims are the shiznit.

I just wanted to say that even tho the weight different between a drilled and non-drilled rim may not look like much on paper(or computer screen), the feel is quite different. Its all rotational weight and I notice it very much for spins and flips. The feel of it is different too. A drilled rim feels less rigid and sounds much lighter, if that makes any sense. Anyone agree with this?

I prefer the drilled rim, flips faster and makes me land smoother. As long as you can tune a wheel, a drilled rim is just as strong.

I agree with you completely. I rode with a Try-All undrilled rim for about 3 days and I had enough with the weight. I now ride with a nimbus undrilled rim since it is almost as light as a drilled rim, but still stronger. (I broke 2 rims before, a KH and an Alex DX32)

Still have one. It’s going on 4 years old! I ride one with a CC, and I have mad fold-overs. So, I have to up the pressure, which takes away the already poor bounce that cheap tire has.

It’s an OK rim. There has to be something better!