Best trials rim?

Weight? I ride a crmo frame (2.24lbs), profiles, a DX32, and I can hop higher than MOST. It’s mainly a mental thing. Then again, you are 16, and possibly lighter/smaller than me (i weight 144lbs/5foot8-1/2inches). I’ll give you that-- even though the weight between drilled and undrilled is not much.

The point we were agreeing on was that a light rim is helpful for flips and spins. Hopping you will not notice it to much.

Were you drunk when you wrote that?

Drilled rims will NEVER be as strong as undrilled. I have no clue as to where you’re getting your information. In my experience in real life, and on the internet I have seen FAR more destroyed DRILLED rims than undrilled. You can’t even compare the two.

Between the spoke holes and the drill holes there is a tiny amount of metal, and that’s all you’ve got keeping your rim a rim. You can’t tell me those little joints between the holes are just as strong as an undrilled rim. Every instance of a drilled rim failing, that i’ve seen, is right at those joints. Not anything to do with the spokes, or the seam…it’s all to do with those joints.

sounds to me like he was implying that they will hold up for a long time if you maintain and true your wheel frequently

That’s because at the time it was one of the only really strong rims available.

it’s all personal preference, but i’m sitting here, knowing that i’m riding less because my KH rim is demolished.
i am getting a Koxx undrilled street rim, it is the widest and the strongest.

honestly, if you get a KH drilled it will last you a long time, but a koxx undrilled will most likely last you a lifetime.

p.s. someone mentioned cody, he is extremely hard on parts… to say the least.

Thats the route I am most likely going, its just the holes make the rims look so pretty :o

…and what rim does he ride?

i would imagine that he rides a koxx-one street rim …

I wish the try-all street rims came in more color options.

Yeah, weight has almost no affect on hops. I’m not really into this jump as high as you can thing. I’m more about fliptricks and such. Weight has a HUGE affect on Tech Street tricks.

I am sure they would if the light rims were not holding up as well as they are.

Hey, all I was saying is, tune your wheel before or after every ride and land the way you’re supposed to, and a drilled rim will hold you fine. I’ve seen DX-32s buckle like paper on a trials bike, it’s just from poor maintenence. Drilled or non drilled, they all fail to shotty worksmanship and improper care.

tightening spokes is SO ANNOYING though.

well, so is putting a new wheel build together after you destroy your rim…

agreed, both suck.

yes they do. I’ve gotten used to it after 5 years of cycling. From downhill to trials to unicycling, all are way too hard for poor little rims.

If I remember correctly, a Koxx drilled on his trials, and an Alex DX 32 on his 24.

If my skills were high enough to warrant retuning every other ride or more often, I think I would preffer a non-drilled rim if it meant I’d have to retrue it 1/4 of the time as w/ a drilled.

Thats pretty much what I have done with this rim, that hasnt helped much here though. Its only the lower section of my rim (the portion that is in contact with the ground) that the inside wall is going on. Tight spokes cant help that. This is because the metal joining up the big holes is too thin and too weak.

I fiddle with my spokes on my drilled rim maybe once a month tops. I let them get very loose and out of wack before I true and tighten them I have no problems with the rim thus far. I even let it go pretty long after the original build to see what the rim could take, as I have a non-drilled rim if I need it. I do all my builds and and I am no pro and the drilled Tryall without eyelets holds up fine to big sets a lot of stand on tire tricks and the often(I mean rare;) ) poor landing. I don’t weigh that much but I do abuse the hell out of the rim and for me the weight savings is worth the risk that it may break which it hasnt. I have gotten a lot of use out of it and there are no signs of weakness yet.

Look through the drilled holes at an angle and see if there are any cracks in the thin metal of the inside wall. Mine has gone at the bottom of the wheel, check there. I have had my KH rim for about a year, its always been tightened and maintained, has never goten badly out of true, has been rotated once and mines gone pretty bad.