Best trial unis of all time

all right i know that there are similar threads to this but im gunna ad this one any ways. a am trying to decide what trials to get so i figgered id ask you guys about all the trials unis you’ve riden. if you post i ask that you include what you liked, disliked and the price then rate it with stars ***** maximum 5 stars minimum 0.


New KH, lose the Maxxis and get a Luna.

What he said, but with a carbon fibered base, KH gel seat.

Not that I’ve never ridden that…

I think the monty trials is the oighest tire… and what they said except a cf handle by s.wallis as well

I am gonna have to go with the “summit” not because it was the best , no I picked it because it was the start of something that would eventually become the new kh aluminums

I gotta go with a the Reeder handle over the KH handle. The KH really screwed up my fingers even with gloves.

but I thought the summit frames were too heavy nd kh said no to them ?

they were THE original though…

exactly, everything came from the summit

Yeah, its like its a classic…

It might have been the begining of everything but this thread is about the BEST uni… so the kh 05 is probably that

The best trials unicycle is the one that will come out tomorrow.

witch one is commin out tomorow ?

I meant it figuratively, like theres always going to be better ones coming out in the future.

oohh haha yea… Im dumb haha

If we are talking about unicycles now I am going to have to go with the new Koxx one unicycle, I really like how it looks and the setup looks really solid.

The best of both world
KH Frame, Koxx wheelset, might not be the toughest, but certainly is the lightest. I’m not a big fan of its pedals, but that’s a matter of taste I guess.

Yeah those two are beasts…

If we’re going for the best single trials unicycle, I have to vote for KcTheAcy’s KH trials with the Thompson post & Scott Wallis CF seatbase & handle. I’m heading towards a setup like that myself, if only to stop me from snapping seatposts (3 in 6 months now) and saddles.


I´m going to but a cf/thompson set up whenever I snap my port or saddle.
But i havn´t snapped any yet. I must be too easy on my equipment. Or i´m not fat enough :smiley: