Best places to learn trials,

Well ive slowly been getting into trials and i can jump up stuff and off stuff…stuff being a curb, i think the main problem is my confidence but anyway i practise in my street, is this a good idea?
where do you guys ride?

Ride everywhere, look at everything as a trials lines. Stairs, ledges, rails, pallets, rocks, benches, everything. Start small, set goals, and ride everywhere on everything.

Yep, thats pretty much all there is to it.

The world is our playground! Muahahaha.


Cheers, im saving for my Nimbus hoppley because i have this standard 20" which is really heavy and isnt going to last so at the moment im doing some Muni on my 26er.


Its funny when I go places or walk around town, cause people will talk about some new building or fountain, or just about anything, and the only thing I am thinking of when im walking by all the stuff is trials. :slight_smile:


Im starting to slip into that sort of mind lol but when my mum and dad say we are going out i will insist on bringing my Muni and asking what the terrains like lol, sounds cool in the USA, England is a bit shitty for trials.

Find an industrial estate, find a shop like a cash and carry that is closed on sundays, go round the back and find the huge stack of pallets they will undoubtedly have.

And when you say England is a bit shitty for tirals, I’m guesisng you mean the bit of England within about a mile of your house?

mines rubish for about 2 miles to my knowledge :roll_eyes: I need to travel, bad

I do that all the time haha! :smiley:

When I ride trials I go around town or I have pallets and boxes in my driveway and im on those the most. Make some boxes and get some pallets.

Find yourself a bike and a rucksack, problem solved.

Places for Trials

I have basically been totally a MUni rider until recently when I got my KH20. So It was Natural that I started doing trials on Boulders that I saw along the trails that I rode. I now love all the stairs and ledges on outside shopping malls. Beach promenades and boardwalks. Also the huge garden rocks that hold in the dirt to make multi level landscapes.


get a bunch of pallets, they help a lot

:roll_eyes: Maybe you could come to colchester this Friday?! or u working…?

USA isn’t so sweet either if you dont live by a city or town… i have to make everything i ride unless i can get a ride into the village(which is about 15 min. away… but i still need a ride from my parents.) if you have some property, get some wood and pallets and stuff and make some trials stuff to exactly wat you want and you can change it when ever you want.

I think as unicyclists we have a major advantage to this “guerilla” style of trials riding. If the cops ever roll up as we’re riding on any sort of public property, who’s the wiser. Not very many people at all know of “uni trials”…the cops wouldn’t think twice unless you were caught in the act on.

I’m all about riding anywhere doing anything, but I have to admit that now that I’m almost 30 years old I have a large amount of respect for people’s property whether it be someone’s staircases, or some sort of public property…I use respect. Since these forums are mainly filled with you younger guys, I encourage you to all do the same. If you can see that you are wrecking something by riding on it, then find something else. It might be common sense to some, but this is why skateboarders have wrecked it for themselves everywhere.

and if it’s too hard to comprehend…I’ll break it down. There’s no difference between doing pedal grabs on a public bench and chipping the paint off and vandal’s ruining your “trials pallettes” in your backyard while you’re sleeping.



on saturday im working not friday,

but i cant afford the train but im getting paid soon so for sure!

I tend to pay attention to what I ride on, sure everywhere I go I see trials lines and street lines (granted I suck at both so I just see myself doing them perfectly in my head) but when I attempt them I pay attention to any damage I do and try to fix it if it’s more than a scratch on the paint. if I do too much damage I move to another spot and come back to the previous spot when I feel more confident and less like I’ll do more damage.

concidred, then I remembered the weight of my muni

public transportation is good if you live near it… if not then you should start doing some distance riding, it’s amazing fun!

the day I’m allowed on piblic transportation :roll_eyes: A mate of mines learning though so mabey in aw while. I did a long ride up a long hill on friday, my thighs still ach :slight_smile:

btw: you’ll get WWing :wink:

did you see my post in the WW tutorial thread? I have almost got it now… anyway, I live about a half mile from the nearest bus stop, so public transit is easy for me, and Downtown Portland has a lot of good places to ride if you look…