Best Photos 2007

Ok, I know some of might have missed the deadline for best photos of 2006, so why not start best photos of 2007 early? I hope this thread wasn’t created already, I did search for it with no luck. Anyways, I think we should have the same rules as applied to the “Best photos 2006” thread, so here are the rules:

-River View

A beautiful day…just enjoying the view.

well with this in mind i shall go take a picture !!

Yeah I suck, so what?

How many of these threads really need to be started? Is 12 days prior too long to expect someone to be paying attention? I was about to post a great pic when it dawned on me that I already had. How about a resolution to tighten things up in 2007? Good people, can we agree on that? Can we take that tiny extra step before setting up shop in the Department of Redundancy Department?

Tom, be nice. Photos and pictures are different, after all…

Oops, my bad. I did search for it like I said. I guess I need to work on my searching skills.

:o Sorry…I’m still tweaking my meds. Will continue adjusting dosage upward.

I don’t understand why it bothers you so much. Either you have too much time on your hands or your way too much of a busy body. How about instead of trying to correct everyone all the time you just keep you comments to yourself. Or atleast phrase them in less critical sounding words.

Not very exciting but it was a really nice place.

-instantly jealous-


Sweet, you seem to have taken the wrong unicycle with you though…

Well I have to give each one an outing now and again :slight_smile:



Looks good, but did he manage to land it? :smiley:


Well, here’s a picture I took earlier today whilst riding along the A52 in Nottingahm. It was so sunny, and the shaddow so clear that I just couldn’t resist…


no:o haha

i fell really hard, right on my face.

Barcelona Photos

if u want 2 add me:

just some trials ridin around the block. Not an incredibly high quality camera but it does the trick.

woah awesome photo by fountain