Photos of 2007

Yeah, it may only be January 2nd, but I think there should be a thread run year long of peoples’ photos. So, here we go.

Here’s my son Miles enjoying the first pedal strokes on his new 36-er. Looking forward to lots of road miles ahead.

You cant actualy one-foot stand on seat glide, can you? :astonished:

Who can’t?


The wheel is locked into the table, it isn’t moving anywhere :stuck_out_tongue: still a cool picture though. I should try that at some point. I will probably flip backwards and get a seat in the back as hitting my back on my uni is a passion of mine.

Ahh… I didn’t see the wheel against the bench…


But that means you still need to balance the frame, as it is free to move around the wheel…unless the frame is also locked somehow.

Yeah, it’s still pretty impressive, although he probably fell promptly after the photo was taken.

yeah he did. He held it for i’d say, like 2 seconds.

Love the shoes!!!


Attack of the Clones!!!


Lee grind (1).JPG

Me one-foot wheel walking:

Evil Nick’s Epic 360 Unispin: