Best Men's Underwear for Unicycling

I use to wear bike shorts for riding, but recently discovered a much better product for riding (and every day use)… even better than UnderArmour ($25-35 per pair :astonished: ).

These black or blue med-long Boxer-Briefs come from Wal-Mart and are 65% Polyester and 20% Spandex. The reason they beat UnderArmour is a ‘pouch’ that lifts and holds the jewels in a forward position. They are also $5-6 each :smiley: . I can now ride comfortably with jeans or shorts.

Gone are the days of lifting and adjusting. They are much more comfortable than cotton boxers or briefs, so I’ve bought enough to wear daily. Plus, these wick perspiration and keep the inner thighs free from chafing.

I’m a 34 waist, so the Large size fits best. This recommendation has been given to several other men and they all give THREE THUMS UP.

Best of all… the wife’e thinks they’re hot :sunglasses: .

No underwear under cycle shorts or cycle longs. Let everything find its natural place. That’s my motto.

I wear a similar product from Walmart. Some people call them “compression shorts”. They are found in the sports department next to the athletic supporters (jock straps). They are nylon and spandex. They look like cycling shorts but they do not have padding in the crotch. For every-day riding they are fine. I like them for cutting down on inner-thigh chaffing especially during hot weather when I sweat. If I remember right, they cost about $10 a pair.


which brand? The haines and fruit 'o the loom fit differently.

Yes, private?

When riding, its cycling shorts and freeballin’ it.

COMMANDO with cutoffs or cargos.


The brand name is LIFE. It comes in a plastic box-ish container.

My man-thong is quite comfortable

They have an awesome pouch for your nuts…
Jock straps also work, but aren’t as stylish.

The other night (Halloween) I rode for about 2.5 hours straight on my 20" wearing denim overalls with nothin underneath. <—bad idea.

Generally I wear standard boxers but these above mentioned walmart things sound interesting. I’ll probably try a pair our next trip to the store.

it’s funny i read all these posts and threads about all the special little things people do for comfort and wonder if theres something wrong with me! I ride my uni in the same clothes i wear normally, unless it’s cold and i wear some long underware. Just boxers and jeans/shorts/casual pants.

Nope Nrkist, it’s just that everyone else isnt as tough as us Canucks :wink:

Wouldn’t the straps of a jock strap dig into your crotch/thigh top when you’re riding? I’ve not tried it, it just seems like it wouldn’t be that good.

I find it most comfortable to wear cycling shorts with no underwear on the unicycle. Strangely, on a bike I usually wear underpants under the shorts (which is quite unusual, even considered a bit weird, for an experienced cyclist).

I wear underarmour compression shorts that go down just above the knee. That protects my inner thigh. Thats where i get most pain, from jumping and stuff like that. Then jeans over them, i’m very happy with them; i mean some minor adjustments but better than nothing.

OW!! Jeans have a big seam which lines up nicely with your prostate. I find it very difficult to ride in jeans.

Coming out of lurker mode and reviving an ancient thread because I’ve just had my first good single-track ride of the season, wearing something that has literally changed my unicycling life, lol. I promise I’m not a marketing shill.

Specifically, I want to get the word out about these: Athletic Pouch Underwear For Men | Poly Spandex MAX Support

I have always struggled with my bits and bobbles pinching and chafing on longer duration or more strenuous rides. This gonch keeps your tackle up and in front via what I (initially) took to be a hilarious pouch and drawstring system. I ordered two pair (to get above the free shipping threshold) thinking it might be crazy, but worth a try - turns out the creators are crazy… like a fox. I am never going back to regular underwear when on my unicycle. I would pay $100 a pair for these things.

They get bonus points for the promo video on their main page being hilarious; UFM® Underwear For Men | Patented Adjustable Pouch Underwear (


Ordered after reading this review. Game changer for me. First time ever not having some type of ‘pinch of the boys’. Now just need to harden up the sit bones a bit.