Best giraffe uni for a ten year old?

My son loves his unicycle. He is very agile on his current one…though I suspect his skill is sub-par compared to uni enthusiasts who post on this uni message board.

He gracefully mounts and dismounts his and has endurance on it (takes it to the park a mile away). So, we would like to get him a tall uni (giraffe) for Christmas.

Best put, the advice I am seeking is to recommend a giraffe that will carry him into his teens, if there is such. And I don’t want to break the bank. He races motocross, so the bank is already broken!

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Giraffe unicycles are great for novelty effect. It’s a good idea if he either wants to impress people or simply be high up.

At ten years old, I would have thought a giraffe unicycle was pretty cool.

If you want him to be able to actually ride it, don’t get a two wheeler – he would have to pedal backwards!

Unless you’re willing to do an intensive search for something else, the Nimbus and the Torker are pretty much your only options. The Nimbus is a much higher quality, but costs about twice as much as the Torker.

Thank you. In honesty, the giraffe will be for novelty and for balance. He had a uni in the first place to work on balance during the off season of MX, and to occupy his mind! The Torker is the one I was looking at.

My main concern was to get one that will grow with him.

Thank you for the reply.

Balance, not so much.

A giraffe is easier to ride than a regular uni because you have more time to react.

Try balancing a broomstick vertically on the tip of your finger, then try a pencil.

The broomstick is easier.

You might want to look through the giraffe discussion thread, and here’s the review thread on Torker giraffes:

You can also keep your eyes out for Schwinn Giraffes on eBay or Craigslist. They pop up from time to time.

What unicycle does he already have? A 20" trials or 24" MUni may be better than a giraffe if he wants to advance in his skills - hops, drops, off-road… I suspect he would get much more out of it than a giraffe, which has more limits with what you can do.

I got my first giraffe unicycle when I was 11 years old for Christmas. The giraffe I got was a no brand name 5 foot chrome giraffe from a local hardware store for $420 (AUD) It’s three years later now and i have still got it. I’m sure your son will impress many of the public and enjoy riding it. I started busking on mine down at the city and I made hundreds $$$ =D.

Unisykolist, yer a lousy beggar.


It really depends on whether he wants to take his unicycling to the next level, and what he’s interested in.