Best average speed records

I think a more honest speed test would be to measure your best average speed over a mile. Many of us have recorded flattering top speeds but if we’re honest they have been only momentary. A blip in your computer can indicate that you’ve achieved incredible top speeds.

So in my view a best average speed record is more credible than a best top speed record.

To get the list started, here’s my best average speed over a mile, from my ride this morning plus some details of my set up etc.

My time was 5:59.4 which is a tiny fraction faster than 10mph.
K.H. 36er ungeared
150mm setting on moment cranks.
Perfect weather conditions and a good quality road surface. :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s not a super speed but it’s real and not bad for 150mm cranks

Yes, definitely average speed is a better measurement of performance… I tend to be averaging about 12mph now. it doesn’t really matter if I am on a fixed 36, G32 or G29 its all about the same speed for me :slight_smile:

Hello Alan, what size cranks are you using? I’m going to move on to 125mm cranks. At the moment I’m enjoying spinning the 150s but I don’t think I can spin them much faster than 10mph. :frowning:

I would like to know what average speed other riders have achieved using the 36er 150mm combination.

On the G29 137, G32 150 and on the Fixed 36 I tend to flip between 114 and 125.

150 is too long unless you have very steep hills :slight_smile:

Really? I would imagine a G32 higher?? Then what’s the advantage of having a geared again?

I can ride it faster, but I feel uncomfortable. So the limiting factor is the man, not the machine.

Basically I think my reactions are good for 12mph regardless what I ride, however this is increasing year on year I am glad to say :slight_smile:

I would think a geared would allow a slower cadence, but harder to pedal, and yet, more stability at a higher speed, no?
I’m really needing to save up for my G36. Cant wait;)

I had a G36 and just couldn’t get to grips with it so I cannibalised it in to a G32 which is really nice.

Yes lower cadence is easier to control at speed

Just my $.02 on the G32. I have 3-hole cranks from Mad4One, 110/130/150. For regular 1:1 riding I like the 130 setting. It would be great if I could reliably ride the 130s in high gear, but I’m not a good enough rider at this point. So I pretty much stick with the 150mm position. This makes it really easy to ride in 1:1, and I have pretty good control in high gear. I keep hoping that I’ll eventually get good enough to switch to the 130 setting for both, but time will tell.
As far as average speed goes, I average about 10 MPH in high and 7-8 in regular. Yeah, I’m a slow rider. But as lobbybopster famously says, “If I was in a hurry, I wouldn’t be riding a unicycle.”

Im not sure what my average is on my 36er/165’s. Ive maxed out on my capable cadence and now it’s still doesnt feel too terribly fast, just faster than a fast runner. I hope my 110’s will make the difference. That speed thing is getting a little addictive. …

Hmm… I know an average over a mile or so would be better, but I don’t have it right here.

However, today’s ride was pretty good, so I can use it:
15km in 53 min total, with a few lights, so moving time 51 minutes= 17.6km/h = 11.0mph

This still including curves and a few stops and so, plus 2 uphill sections of 1-2 minutes… and obviously my best single mile out of almost 10 miles should be a little higher than the 11mph, but only a little, so maybe 12mph?

This is on an ungeared 36 with 127mm cranks. I feel like I am getting pretty close to the max speed with 127s and am still waiting for my multi-hole cranks and/or also want to put the 100s back on (only had 2 commutes with the 100s). Thus, I think a good-effort mile right now with 127s would be something between 20km/h and 22 km/h (12.5mph-13.75mph).

I haven’t ridden 150s for a few months now, but I often ride 165s for Muni and I feel like I am way way slower as I can’t spin with the longer cranks (but I didn’t actually measure speeds).

If I remember right I think a while back I was getting max speeds between 18-20km/h with 150s, but this was more for short-term sustained, maybe a half mile or so: (11.25-12.5mph), so I think 12mph would be about my realistic one-mile max average with 150s.

After 1 year of 36, I have really great control with 127s (I successfully did a freemount after stopping in traffic for construction today, which I wouldn’t have tried even a month ago), so I think something between 110-117 should be my ideal length for my commute (as I said, I’m still not done with my drilling project, but 165/137/117/100 looks like what I am going to do: see drilling multi-hole cranks for easy pedal length options - #32 by MUCFreerider)

My average speed for long rides on my 36er seems to be anywhere between 7 and 10mph depending on distance and terrain. I ride 125’s. I like to think, if I just did a single mile of easy, smooth tarmac, I could probably power it down pretty quick, but that’s so rare round here that it’ll probably never happen! :smiley:

Just checked my Strava quickly, I have a few ~1.5 mile segments that I’ve done at 12mph. These are about as flat and straight as roads come around here, so I guess that’s my answer for now!

On my last ride I averaged 8.9 mph over 7.3 miles of undulating terrain. 36" 150 cranks.

Sorry, what app or devices do you recommend?

Ok, so this ride isn’t the one mile recommended, its 62.4 miles…But it was zero dismounts, for any reason, for 26 miles on the way there, and 28 miles on the way back. I averaged 12.5mph :slight_smile:

All my logged rides are on the stock Oracle 36er, with 125mm cranks. On some of my recent rides, including this one, I’ve also had a Thule rack attached, carrying cold weather gear and extra water on it. I also wear a backpack to carry food and drink in.

All roads were fairly smooth and flat.

Thanks Juni, you set a fine example. Good goal for me to set on my Bay Trail riding. :wink:

On a 6.1 mile ride mostly flat with traffic I usually average around 10 to 11 mph on a stock nightfox with 110 mm. cranks.

With my race 36" and 100mm cranks I have an average of 17mph for 42km. My average for shorter distances is not really much faster any more, but I seam to keep going at that speed.


Is this on the solid rubber tyre Roger?

No, it is on an Oracle with Nightrider tyre. The solid tyres don’t go that fast on unicycles in my experience. Although they do on the Penny Farthings. :slight_smile: