Best 24"muni tire

Just curious on what the consensus is these days. I’m currently using a Vee crown gem 2.6. What I’ve noticed is that it seems to have a tendency to slip on roots when climbing over them. My daughter likes the Duro Wildlife, but that is one heavy tire. There’s also the big roller in 2.8.

Apparently the Gazzaloddi used to be the best, but those are rare these days and used ones have ridiculous prices on ebay.

So for those of you who still ride muni on 24ers, what tires do you like and why?

Duro, duro, duro…


Maxxis High Roller 24 x 2.5 1150g (I like this tyre but it’s hard to get)
Specialized Big Roller 24 x 2.8 835g - some camber initally
Kenda Slant Six 24 x 2.6 ~750g - haven’t tried yet
Maxxis Hookworm 24 x 2.5 (not an offroad tyre, good for other surfaces though)
Holy Roller 24 x 2.4 730g (not so wide but nice to use)
Innova Pro Podium 24 x 2.8 785g - i don’t know about this but worth a look

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Oh yeah! Heavy but manageable weight on a 24". So thick you could probably ride with no air inside.

Not a bad option, I have one on my “oversea” muni. It’s cheap (was?) and decent. Needs more air than a Duro as it’s got thinner sidewalls.

Not an on-road tyre either.

Its single strength is the bead to bead tread which protects from sidewall damage on large jagged gravel where grip is not a problem.

Poor grip on smooth wet surfaces.
High camber thrust.
Very heavy

My 26 had one when I bought it and I only rode it once before replacing it with a DTH which was half the weight and actually had grip.

The only Hookworm I like is the 20 inch where the momentum is beneficial and it doesn’t seem to be affected by camber at all.

Interesting! I have a Maxxis Hookworm on my 29er (29x2.5) and its much better than the Schwalbe Big Apple tyre it came with. That was a shocker for camber to me.

Maybe I’ll even swap the Hookworm out for the WTB slick that I have, that’s actually perhaps 200g lighter.

Never ridden a Big Apple.

The camber effect is reduced on the Hookworm if you pump it to maximum pressure but the grip is even worse then.

My 29 road uni has a Maxxis Torch 29 x 2.10. Less than half the weight of a Hookworm. Excellent ride and grip, low rolling resistance and minimal camber effect. My rim is only 38 mm wide though. Might be a bit small for a 48 mm rim.

Totally agree, I only use the Hookworm on my 20", it really is that good.

The Big Apple is a road going tyre, definitely not a Muni tyre. I have the Big Apple on my 29er and love it on the road.

S-Works, Umma Gumma 24 x 2.5

Can you share a link? I struggled to google it.

Thanks for the responses. It looks like I’ll probably get a duro wildlife. I was just kind of hoping there would be something else out there I didn’t know about.

If you can find something other than Duro wildlife, consider it. I personally think it’s too heavy.

Umma-Gumma is a Specialized, S-Works 24" x 2.5 mountainbike tire. so far no link, I’m down to the last one, maybe I kept them too long.

I love to ride my 24" Muni and the best tire is the Duro Wildlife, but it’s very heavy 1,49 kg the tire. And the tire works well in mud, in too much mud it’s a little bit slippery but it goes. If you won’t you can slide 1-1,5 meters with it in the mud. Keep cool on your Muni if you slide, when it goes very well with this tire.

The second 24" is more a road runner but I used sometimes for rode some Muni with it. The Tire is the Innova. It have not the crazy Profil and always i slipped in the mud and I have many problems to hold me on my Muni. For Road it’s pretty well, it works good, in the Wood it’s not so good or i makes something wrong with the air pressure, I don’t know it.

For hard Muni is the best tire for me the Duro Wildlife and it have a long life like 3 years and then you don’t have a profile on the tire, then you slide on the mud very well. I know that I have practice that… it’s not the best feeling.

Maybe give the Specialized a shot:

At $25 it’s not exactly breaking the bank.

I love my 24" Duro Wildlife Leopard.

Just like the Leopard tank it is a beast!
Yes it is heavy but it wil ride over / through anything.

And for me personally: more weight means more exercise. So good for me!

There’s also possibly this one, if you can get it:

Did you ever get a sample @rogeratunicycledotcom ?

I’ve tried a few rides now on a Big Roller and on the whole I think it is an improvement. I put a c-clamp around the tread on both it and the Vee Crown Gem that it replaced to accurately measure tread width. Both were spot on with their advertised measurements of 2.8" and 2.6". The Duro Wildlife on my daughters uni also measures 2.8", although that is advertised as 3.0". I think the Big Roller has a little bit more cushion to the ride and rides over obstacles slightly better. Hopping seems to be improved. It seems to like higher pressure though. I got a pinhole leak somewhere in the tire changing process and did my first test ride at low pressure and it did not like to turn at all. Grip seems to be better than on the Crown Gem. Tire tread is similar on both and much less aggressive than on a Duro.

I’ve been trying to learn backwards riding for the past few months and after changing to this tire it seemed noticeably more difficult. I simply was not riding as far or as consistently. Maybe I was just having a bad day though or I haven’t become accustomed to it yet. So far backwards riding seems to be the only negative change I have noticed.