Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival (October 7-9)

The first Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival will be October 7-9 (Friday 5PM through Sunday 5PM). There will be a full slate of unicycle events, including two MUni events, a unicycle basketball tournament, unicycle workshops by John Foss and others, and whatever else we can come up with.

See the festival web site at for more information.

Darn I have my juggling festival that week-end :frowning:

cool; i’m going to try to go.

Hey would you (and some of the other trials guys) be interested in doing a trials demo/workshop? I suck at trials.

Oh cool, I will prolly be attending.

hi tom, yeah, i’m down for doing a trials demo. i’m not super-great at trials, but i can hop around a bit.


Cool, I’ll go check out the schoolyard to see what the possibilities are, or whether we’ll need to make up some obstacles.

I went by to look at the outdoor area where the festival will be located, and I think it has rich possibilities for trials. There are a bunch of stairs, plus an outdoor concrete ampitheater with bigger steps/drops, and some scary-looking skinnies to ride, too. So, trials is looking fun.

Small thread break-in:
some Berkeley unicyclists spotted here:
and here:

Yeah, that was at the Solano Stroll, which is a huge street fair (they claim 250K people). We were there promoting the festival; I gave those girls a flyer.

Reminder: The Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival is this weekend, starting at 5:00 PM Friday (October 7) and going through 5:00 PM Sunday. The festival is free and open to the public; the public show on Saturday night is $12.

We now have a tentative workshop/activity schedule available, with a full roster of unicycle events. Come on by!

I wanna go on sunday in the AM–I’ll be taking public transit to laney college for the flea market and then getting over to the start of the ride on uni or bus -anybody heading over from the city or downtown o-town? want to go saturday as well but there is a bicycle film festival in the city that I am commitied to seeing…any body else on here from SF proper?

I might be up for coming. When exactly would the trials workshop be? I have a few simple obstacles (not very impressive, unless you already ride trials) that I might be able to bring, and a friend, mark, has a few skinnies he might be able to bring.

The trials workshop is whatever the trials guys want to make it. It looks like there are some good trials obstacles in the courtyard, but if you can bring anything I’m sure someone would jump on it.

another anounce:

Yeah, too bad they got the dates wrong.


What a great time! [Photos and Videos]

What a great festival! There was more unicycling at this festival than any other juggling festival I’ve ever been to. That’s thanks to Tom Holub plus the other volunteers who made it happen. Our weekend was something like this:

Arrive around noon Saturday with Beau and Scot. Play around then attend John Foss’s Uni skills workshop. Uni basketball, juggling, dinner at the Pyramid Brewery, and the Public Show. Great acts - the crowd loved John’s act featuring many unicycles plus his killer: riding his artistic bike in circles, standing on seat/handlebars, while juggling 3 clubs. Afterwards, played in the gym until it closed at 10, then hung out at a local bar/awesome pizza place until 12.

Sunday arrived at 10am for the 8 mile distance ride. We had 15+ riders, on 26 to 54" (equivalent) wheeled unicycles. Plus the Critical Mass sound system pulled on bike trailer. This made for a very loud rolling party and was my favorite event of the weekend. We rode down to the marina - perfect weather. Too bad it had to end. Afterwards, unicycle hockey and other games: obstacle course (won by Beau), tug-o-war, and a mass chaos game played with velcro tags attached to the seat. Last rider with the flag wins - it was Tom Holub. Lunch at a Thai restaurant a quick Coker ride away. Then a nice Muni ride in Joaquin Miller park. We left early, but stayed for 2 out of the 3 downhill laps. These trails are short but quite technical - really fun and challenging. 10 year old Sam and 14 year old Mark were awesome riders.

I’ve posted some photos and videos here:
Check out the ones from the rolling party!

The Lodi Juggling Festival, was a long-standing Northern California October tradition I’ve attended every year since 1993. It is no more, but the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycling Festival looks like it will take over. There were over 200 participants for the 1st annual, sure to increase next year.

See you there next year.


i had a blast. Thanks Tom, and everyone!

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