Beginner Unicyclist

I would like to begin unicycling i am a little over 5 feet and do not know which one i should get any suggestions?

Thanks, MagicMan

I am starting too and a little over 5’ myself. I think a 19-20" is best! What type of unicyling are you interested in doing? My inseam with shoes on is 28", not sure if thats tall enough even for a 24" muni if I get into that lol.


Hey, i just wanted to do like i guess street for now just the easiest!! i am so new i have no clue what you mean by My inseam with shoes on is 28", not sure if thats tall enough even for a 24" muni if I get into that lol. could you explain???:smiley:

After a bit i did want to do mountain unicycling!!!

at 5’ I would suggest learning on a 19 or 20. If you are interested in Mountain unicycling (Muni) you would probably do best to get a trials (19") unicycle.

Lots of people do Muni on a trials, it just is not as fast and flowing as with a larger wheel.

A great trials unicycle for the money is the Nimbus Trials sold on (UDC). If you get that not only will you be able to learn on it you will have a solid unicycle that should last you many years.

The inseam is measured from your crotch to the bottom of your shoe. 28" is the minimum height the seat will go down on a 24" Nimbus muni, its higher on the KH I believe, so I think that would be pushing it for me to be able to ride one that large. As most people ride with the seat lower then their max height.

I agree on the 19" trials uni! Thats what I’m getting too. I heard its just slower for muni and you have to be more selective on what you can ride over, but great for shorter riders. Its a good uni to do flat, street, trials and muni on so I’m going to get one of those for myself. I am looking to get the Nimbus trials. I’ve read a lot on this forum about the unis and thats the one I would also recommend for you.

yes the nimbus trials is a great uni and for its price you cant beat it i think if and when you want to do more hard core stuff you might want to upgrade to a kh20 08 there lighter and a little more durable but not much more the main differences is the crown some people including me hit there knees on the crown and it hurts bad :stuck_out_tongue: but the kh is rounded and then the last thing would be the weight not a huge difference but lighter for me is better :smiley: good luck to both of you on learning to ride and have fun and enjoy hope to hear about your progress soon :slight_smile:

After practicing 4 1/2 hrs total, I can finally go a bit on my own. :D:D:D:D So now looking at getting a Nimbus. I dont want metal pedals though. Are Odyssey twisteds good? I might get the chrome one with orange parts. I like yellow but not lime yellow and not sure if I want red lol. Luckily I can downgrade to a nimbus gel seat since the girls prefer that one.

well personally i would suggest metal pedals because they last longer and tend to have a lot more grip and replaceable pins which is very nice if your going to be grinding or doing pedal grabs but i really don’t have that much knowledge on plastic pedals because i like metal more only thing thats bad about metal is the hurt like hell when they hit your shins :wink: and there alittle bit heavier but not if you get nice ones plastic also tend to brake but this thread might help you out on the Odyssey twisteds click here :smiley: and if you want to know more about plastic pedals here the search results hope that helped a little good luck:D don’t be afraid to ask if you have any more questions ill help you the best i possible can :sunglasses:

I’m not into grinding so thats not an issue for me. I am a newbie so I dont want to tear up my shins learning things. I want to learn spins and flips. I dont weigh much so I dont think I’ll break them. I’m also not planning on doing big drops. Those seem better then the animals?

ok then plastic sounds like they would be fine then i have heard animals are good pedals very grippy but not when wet never tried them tho could be worth a shot tho

but really in the end it kinda comes down to how much you would like to pay

Well, the difference is $1 lol. So I can handle that. I dont want slippery when wet pedals so I guess the odsseys twisted will do me. I’ll think about it awhile and order sometime soon. It would be cool to practice in the grass so falling is easier on my body. I can do that with a fat tire!

yeah the stander tire that it comes with is the Maxxis creepy crawler or(CC) is a 20"-2.5" tire and it will do fine for that its also great tire for all around riding but it is a little harder to ride on grass at first or at least it was for me just because of all the little bumps and stuff like that also play around with the pressure of your tire and see what you like it will make it easier to jump and make it a smother ride for you i use around 20 psi but its a personal thing some people like to have it at 15 psi and some people like to have it at 30 psi so its up to you

Thanks for the info! I’ve been holding onto money for a uni since Xmas. I got a real cheap one off craigslist to see if I can ride it first and decided I would wait til I could ride one before getting a good one. Now I can so I’m excited! This will be lots of fun. :smiley: I’ll probably wait a week to get better before I order just in case I decide on another color or something lol. Yeah girls lol.

no problem if you ever need anything just ask :slight_smile: hope it all works out for you and good luck on learning to ride :smiley: and yes girls lol take care and enjoy unicycling :wink: