Anyone running plastics on their trials uni? Eastern Plastics, Odyssey Twisteds, etc? Do they stand up to the abuse. I run them on my BMX and they’re much more shin friendly than metal…just didn’t know how well they stood up to all the hopping.

oddysey twisteds work a dream. :slight_smile:

Where do you get those for cheap?


I’ve been thinking about getting plastics as well. Do they break really easily?

Like I said, I’ve been running them (Odyssey Plastics) on my BMX for a while and they seem to be pretty strong. At $13 for a pair of pedals though who cares if they only last a few months.

You can get them from any of the BMX online stores. EmpireBMX, Danscomp, Albes, etc.

It was cheaper to get them at a local bike shop so I didn’t have to pay shipping.
I kinda switch back and forth between metal and the twisted plastics. Right now I’ve been riding trials most of the summer on the plastics. I like them because they feel so much lighter.

They’re holding up pretty well. More abusive riders could bend them easily enough, but mine are fine so far.

Phil found out the hard way that they if they hit just right, they can shatter on sketchy rock pedal grabs, even when brand new. :slight_smile:

I’m considering buying some odyssey twisted plastics for my KH24 muni, as one of my Snafu pedals has sand in the bearings and doesn’t feel right anymore.

My current Snafu pedals have great grip with the pins in, but I find it slightly too grippy, as I can’t adjust my foot if I place it wrong when I mount. Would the plastics give enough grip so that my foot wouldn’t slide around everywhere on slightly bumpy terrain?

Are plastics more suited to trials/street, and metal for muni?

edit: I was also thinking that if I had some grippy plastics instead of metals, I wouldn’t have to put my 661’s on each time I went for a short ride.

I woundn’t get the plastics for mUni. #1 they are not sealed. #2 when they’re the slight bit wet traction is horrible.

Wet Twisted Plastics actually perform pretty well. Assuming the pins are still pretty new.

Well that’s cool…can’t say the same for the Odyssey’s

They are Odyssey. Unless you are talking about metal Odysseys. Which when wet suck quite a bit.

B-b-but, that’s not Eco-friendly riding!

I’m a redneck dude… :slight_smile:

I ride odyssey twisteds. I like them, but my left one is bent.

I think I’ll get my self a pair of those plastic Twisted PC’s. I did like my friends metal ones.

I used to ride plastics in the day but i just dont like how quickly the grip fades and how often they break from drops…I even like grinding rails better with a good ole pair or metal pedals…Simple solution get metal get shin gaurds very shin friendly :smiley: . I like my one on one pedals they treat me quite nicely (when im wearing gaurds) lol

I used to ride trials AND street with my Eastern Plastics. They make excellent trials and street pedals but if you do decide to do this I’d be sure to maybe paint a side down with red paint or something because the pins are just plastic knobs that will get worn down with riding. So as long as you keep to one side of the pedals, they work amazingly.

I don’t ride them for street and trials anymore becasue grinds are hard on them and I haven’t colored them yet so I don’t want to kill the only pins that they’ll have.

Nope, only paper.

i use the plastic pedals from my old torker lx. they are grouse. makes my uni extra nice.
p.s. my dogs waters just broke. haha, gross. puppies soon, yay!

I’m sure you throw away much more plastic packaging than replacing broken plastic pedals could ever account for.

The odyssey twisted plastics have excellent grip when new, more than most of their metal pedals
…and from my experience I’m probably more likely to break them before the “pins” wear down.