Bedford Unicycles 2008 Halloween Sale !!!

Greetings Ghouls…

As we near the happiest day of the year
it is time to get ready for the annual Bedford Halloween Sale !

This year, as always, you can save big and ride the unicycle you want.

This years deals are as follows:

KH20 - 2008 models - 450.00
KH24 - 2008 models - 550.00
KH29 - 2008 models - 550.00
KH seats - Freeride or Street - 39.00

24"x3" Gazzaloddi tires - 80.00

Bedford hats - Orange or Black - 9.00
Bedford Pro-Rider shirts - assorted riders - 18.00
Bedford Belt Buckles - 25.00

The price you see is the price you pay, just add shipping.
Price is in funds to the country they are sent.

To get the sale prices, you must put HALLOWEEN SALE in the subject line
and send your order before Midnight October 31st 2008.

Send your name, address and phone number with want you want to order to:

Your order will be taken to the post office in a vintage hearse as well !!!
I will provide pictures of you new ride being send to its final destination the way it should be… in a classic Cadillac Hearse.

There will be additional treats in the box as well !!!

Happy Halloween Unicyclists…
from your friendly folks at Bedford Unicycles


Isnt 450$ for an 08 kh a bit of a rip off? they sell for 365$ on bike island. Im not telling you to change your prices or anything; but, thats nearly 100$ profit your making off someone.

Maybe that’s Canadian currency, and not US? Not sure, but if it is, than the USD equivalent is: $353.00. Darren should clarify this asap.

He does mention this: “The price you see is the price you pay, just add shipping.
Price is in funds to the country they are sent.”

The it depends on WHICH country, so he should specify that the price we see is in CANADIAN currency, (if it is) then the buyer would have to do his/her own conversion depending on the country they live in.

Well, this is that is true then im mistaken and apologise. :slight_smile:

I thought bike island sold the 07 kh :thinking:

Naw, they sell the 08’s. Check em out, they have the trailmix pedals on them.

I’m quite sure that Darren posts everthing in Canadian currency. I could be wrong with this one.

Sweet deals Darren, I may order a hat or a shirt, Il email you later today probably or this weeekend

They Only sell 07’s at BikeIsland.

08’s are Way Better.

Not really, the only difference is a black hub and trailmix pedals. Nothing really other than that, I dont see how you can say they are way better, because their not.

Then instead of posting: “…Price is in funds to the country they are sent.” He should change it to: “Price listed in in CANADIAN CURRENCY.” Simple and clear. :slight_smile:

(Maybe he planned it this way, lol! It has people talking about it, that otherwise might not have given it a second thought. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think they just kinda copied the description from the Kris Holm website.

The unicycle in the picture looks more like an 07. 08s ARE much better.

wow ok
the seat post is forged not welded making it much stronger
the frame is also stronger I believe
the rim is oval drilled to make it stronger and the spokes are offset
Read This for the rest of the improvements

Despite what currency it is in, if you go check the prices, Darren’s prices for this sale are significantly lower. I’d jump on that… and why not get a Kevin McMullin Pro Rider shirt while you’re at it! Haha.


well i guess i could wear it for halloween… :roll_eyes: :astonished: ;):stuck_out_tongue:
haha just kidding man, i have mikes and your shirt already, they’re sick.

hey darren, i may want to get some gear off you. Are you giving deals on any safety stuff? (helmets, shin pads, or gloves?)

$450 for the KH is a good deal, Darren isn’t ripping anyone off.

The companies selling them for ridiculously low prices are selling way below the MSRP and thats not cool with Kris, there was already a big issue with AEBikes doing the same thing. Those companies can sell them really cheap because they never even see the product in their shops (if they even have a shop) they just ship them right from the factory. Darren on the other hand inspects each one before he sends it out and makes sure the spokes and all the other parts are tight.

Support the uni industry and you are rewarded, if we sell out to those soulless companies who are out to sell sell sell and never even look at their products we are just hurting ourselves.

Also, suggesting theres little different between the 07 and 08 models is foolish. You should really look into that.

+1, Even though I just paid the regular price for mine plus powdercoating right before the sale:(. Oh well, I’d rather have it now then later.

Hmm, so the “soulless companies” are actually making less profit, and the companies with souls are maximizing theirs? Ok I get it now, thanks!
(Just playing a little “devil’s advocate” :D)


I was going to wait a little while before getting a ‘good’ uni (just starting now), but I’ll have to look into this quickly - especially considering I’m in Toronto and could (hopefully?) forgo shipping.

They aren’t making less profit, they are making just as much, and its how they do that which makes them soulless. A lot of these online bike companies don’t even have actual shops, they just ship the product straight from the factory, they never even lay their eyes on the actual product. They are more concerned with volume than with quality. They majorly cut costs this way by not having to pay employees or other upkeep. These companies aren’t concerned with the unicycling community. Its people like bedford and his entire shop full of unis which helps our sport.

Here I am supporting Darren and I didn’t even get the Halloween treat along with my order during last years Halloween special.

Go visit Darren’s store.
It’s a unicyclist’s paradise.
If you live in Toronto you have no excuse.
Right now.
Go on.
There’s nothing on TV anyway.
SYTYCDC results aren’t on til like nine.
You have plenty of time.