Bedford PRO BC prototype platforms

Darren Bedford made me some really awesome BC wheel plate prototypes. These are just like the normal PRO plates except they are dropped down about an extra 1/2" I think.

The extra drop helps hops alot and it puts the bolt ontop of my foot rather than into the side. It makes it so I don’t have to squeeze my feet to hop.

Here are some pictures

bc plate prototypes 005.jpg

Nice plates!
How much do they weigh?

Those look very nice!

I cant wait to build my BC wheel, cause ill probably get Plates from darren, and from what I can tell, they are great! =p

Not sure, I will tell you if I find a scale. They are almost exactly the same as the normal PRO plates in weight, I guess technically they do weigh more but not enough to notice.

They look great.

But that does not look like you with the hair cut thing…

Hmm, my Nimbus plates have the bolt exactly on top of my foot. (which makes the other holes below it useless) What’s the measurment from… hole to plate?

that’s what I was thinking too.

They look great. I think when ever I end up getting a bc wheel I’ll get those plates because I like the idea of the bolt being on top of the foot.

I just tried to measure, I decided that it was about3 3/16" give or take a little bit;)

These are just prototypes so they aren’t being sold, well at least not yet. I am not sure if Darren is planning on selling them in the future.

since they are prototypes, did you get them for free? they look awesome.

to bad they are still so skinny…i would want them to get a little wider if i ever bought another pair.

I have Evans plates that came with the bc wheel I bought a while back;therefore, I dont have much to say on the lower plates.But your haircut is freakin awesome.

Yeah, they were free because I am on the Bedford Factory Team.

Do you mean width wise or the thickness of the metal?

Heh, so many comments about my hair. I didn’t even mean to upload that pic, it was already on the memory card I used :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

thats awesome that your’e on the team. I was wondering, are they on a 20"? I can’t really tell. the plates look really nice.


They are on my 24".

cool, do they fit on a 20"?

Of course they do. I am just more used to riding the 24" and the axle is longer so it goes farther over my foot.
I will put them on my trials bc this weekend just to play around.

oooh trials bc:) post how they work.

im talkin the width, i wish they were wider…so the outsides of my shoes were not hanging off the sides so much. GB4 plates are about a full inch wider.

GB4 makes plates? can u post a pic?

Mine are 33/8ths" from the plate to the middle of the axle bolt.

But Bedford is stronger and better and everything. :slight_smile: