bc wheel plates on bmx rim?

Im thinking of buying these bc wheel plates

i have a bmx rim in the garage, but i dont know how to put them on it. Do i just place them on the hub screw and tighten up the bolts? Any help will be appreciated thanks.

I would think you just screw them on but i am not really sure. I built my own bc wheel out of a bmx tire and i screwed wood onto the bolts on the sides. It was really fun and it worked fine till i jumped one time on it really hard and one pedal broke. What i am trying to say is you can make your own pedals out of better material then i have, but for your question i think you just screw it on.

Any 20" front BMX wheel with the thicker style 14mm axle should work. You just bolt the plates on nice and tight like you would bolt the wheel to a bike fork.

You’ll need a beefy axle for your BC to work well. One way to find out if your is, is to try it and see if the axle bends after a while. I bent my original axle with my old BC (many years ago), but my local bike shop was able to replace just the axle while keeping the same hub. The replacement was a 14mm axle, I believe. Thinner ones may not hold up.

yes, thats right, i built my BC out of a 3/8" axle(the thnner size) and i bent it rediculously the first jump…

I tried a 3/8" axel, and it flexed by hand, I wouldn’t even try riding it.

i built my own to but the plates are too close to the tire and it doesn’t have grip tape or longer plates so its harder to right

I have a set of chrome plates that I can ride fine, adding to it, the legs are quite short compared to say… Bedford plates.

ok thanks for all the advice. But the idea of breaking my axle then not being able to use it has put me off the idea because the wheel is off a really cheap bmx. I will save up and buy a proper one. thanks again for the ideas.

14mm Axel BMX wheel is like $40…