BC Wheel - how risky?

Any thoughts on using a BC wheel? The thing you stand on as it recklessly rolls down the hill. I still don’t quite have this unicycling thing down yet, but was thinking of grabing a BC Wheel I know of that is available.

Obviously, you can’t just put down a foot like a skateboard to slwo, you have to jump off when things go awry, and the wheel could be lost off a cliff, or go uncontrolled to a place where an innocent bystander could get hit or other damage occur.

I suppose you could also pick up a lot of speed and bailing turn into a series of cartwheels. In short, I feel impending doom if I take this up.

I don’t know anyone who takes BC wheels down hills, because that’s just a stupid idea on a vehicle that has no brakes. Normal people use it on flat(ish) ground.

If you are this worried about falling, a BC wheel is not for you. I mean, it’s not that dangerous, you get the thing to roll, you jump onto it, and if you lose your balance you jump of and run out, and if you used your brain a bit and picked a suitable place (like an empty parking lot) no innocent bystanders will be hurt.

Go for it. Unicycling is risky. In 30-odd years, I’ve put myself in hospital three times. I cracked a rib in a UPD a few weeks ago. I’ve put my back out picking up my ultimate wheel.

There is no reason to think that a BC wheel is any more dangerous than a unicycle. Personally, and it’s only me, I would avoid long steep descents for the first week or two, especially descents with nettles on one side, poison ivy on the other, and and a busy road or shark infested ocean at the bottom. It’s all about assessing and managing risk.

Depends a bit on the steepness of the hill before I could judge the recklessness.

Only if you go beyond the speed that you instantly could run.
So stick below that limit for a while, and once you know how to control you could go beyond.

I was thinking the ultimate wheel could be ridden slalom downhill. Maybe a new kind of downhill racing?

I have this other idea that is probably as bad or worse. Giraffe Muni.


Not to sound like a geezer (I’m younger than Terry Peterson), I don’t recommend it. A BC wheel is much more advanced than a regular uni, and involves tons of dismounts. It’s a great ab workout though. Imagine standing on a giant watermelon seed, on black ice. It’s kind of like that.

Jumping the shark should definitely wait until week 3 1/2 at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a different picture of Scot Cooper on his 26" Giraffe Muni, this one from 1997. It’s actually fairly optimized for Muni, as far as giraffes, and the uni-technology of the time went. 26" MTB wheel in a Traveler or Penguin-style giraffe, to keep the bottom bracket as low as possible. It worked, but had its limitations on traction, and low branches.

I think you’re one year older than me. This year, I’ve been learning to ride ultimate wheel including short sections of unmade ground and short bumpy descents. I’m not good and I’ve had tons of dismounts and hurt myself badly a couple of times. But it’s fun trying. However, I admit I’ve not tried BC wheel.

I spend two evenings a week dancing in groups where the average age is higher than ours, with some dancers in their late 80s or earl 90s. Thing is, if you don’t try stuff, or you give up, it won’t be any easier next year. There may not even be a next year.