BC Tricks?

I think there are laws of physics that rule this out as being impossible.

no, its possible, i can just see alot of broken helmets, and noses trying to learn to do it.

On your future movie you should do some hops down sets of stair or even double some stairs. That would shure impress me.

Or some big gaps

Josue Barreto (Puerto Rico) has a one-footed BC wheel. It only has a plate on one side. The plate side also has a little more leg support, to keep your leg from going into the tire.

I used to have a pair of ski poles with bits of old tire on the ends so I could keep BC-ing without having to give it a push. This was before big foot plates that would let you push it like a skateboard. I was able to pole it up hills too.

Those are some really cool trick ideas flying around! And I saw Evan attempt a whole bunch of things on his BC at the Street competition at MUni Weekend. There’s lots of BC potential out there.

Damn, you beat me to it :(. I wanted to say handstand!

What about hand-wheel walking?

what about a boneless?

or a caveman?

  • where you run with the bc in one hand, jump and put it underyou, and ride away… It can also be used to get into grinds like- caveman onto ledge, 180 out.

I think evan can do that… it seems really easy

Done it. Ive done hand wheel walking too, evan is better than me at it though but its not very hard. Its easier on a big wheel where you dont have to bend down as much.