BC Tricks?


Iv been brain storming for some new bc tricks. do any of you peeps have any tricks they been thinking would be cool and havnt tryed themselfs or dont even ride a bc? I have been looking over skate and bike sites for ideas…

if any of you want to try some new tricks on your bc, here are some iv been working on/dreaming of being able to do…

Plate flips: flip your plates around just like a uni or bike

1 footed still stands: i got this from a bike trick, iv seen trials riders do this for ballance.

180 to forwards: i got this from seeing bike guys go from backwards to forwards

no footer: still havnt pulled it off very well, keep landing on the bolts and eating sod

tire grab: just kinda came to me, jump up and tap/grab the tire

tire stall: done it once on a curb, seemed impossible to ride away from

plate tap: hop up, tuck up and reach down and touch your fingers to the bottom of your plate

plate stall: saw spencer do it…tryed it myself

Body revolve: from xaviers body spinny thing, you come to a stop using a glove, grab the tire, extend, and twist around. no where close to being able to do it

foot grab stillstand/stall: this can be done in alot of mixes, you just take a foot off the plate and grab it with the opisite hand behind you, this can be done in a stall, if your crazy good it can be done while just plain riding, or in a still stand, or in a grind…

also, anyone got any videos of thier bcing coolness? id like to see some other peoples styles, all iv seen is jeff and spencer.

later all,


how about this: a somersault.

you grab the tire, stop the wheel, roll, and get up back on the wheel in one fluid movement and keep riding… it shouldn’t be too too hard… the hardest bit would be getting back up…

sounds werid

also another trick iv tryed and landed once, but i think its impossible, is the foot plant.

This shouldn’t be too hard: jump, do some weird kick thingy in the air to make it spin 180 degrees, land on it. Now you just have to figure out how to kick it right. :roll_eyes:

Another thing I’ve done on accident when trying to jump: Pull the bc wheel aaaaaall the way behind you by folding your knees all the way and keeping your legs vertical. there is probably some cool grab you could do while in this position.

EDIT: Oh, another idea: to start going when stopped: Lean waaay sideways, jump and turn 90 degrees in the air and ride away. It could work with practice…

The shove it is too hard. I cant get it to spin by just doing it while siting down, spencer can. you first would need to get damn good at no footers, but since th ebc is so light, i dont know how you would do it because the bc would enarently stop rolling, so, youd have to jump backwards…and i dunno, seems way way way way too hard

I’ll figure it out someday…

dude…that’d be pretty much the coolest thing ever, and I think you’re right that it wouldn’t be too hard. in fact, I think a few gymnastics type moves are doable on a BC Wheel, with practice…like a roundoff, and perhaps a handspring…the problem would be getting the wheel to stay on your feet, clipless pedals would work, but then you might die…

i’ve got one!!!
it’s pretty darn near impossible though…

you jump up, tucking your legs WAY behind you and flinging the BC up parallel with your back (wear a helmet just incase you hit yourself)
reach over behind your head (whilst in the air) and grab the Bc, pulling it down in front of you for the landing

this would have to be done off a sizeable drop to be the least bit feasible

i think the somersault sounds sick though!!

Whoa there colin, We are out of the matrix now remember?

You could try cross-legged BC-wheeling. It should be possible with practice.

You could try going towards a bar of the right height, jump off the wheel, let it go under the bar while you go over the bar, land, and stay on.

If you do a no footer over a bar or something. You let the wheel go under the bar, while you jump over it.


We did a mount here, where one person rolls the wheel to another person, the person jumps on and goes back towards where the wheel came from. Also, you can always just jump onto it and go backwards I guess…shouldn’t be too hard…

Do a handplant!

hmm, you could possibly even do a handstand to continue riding…interesting idea actually. Possible to even do it to a walkover thingie…that’d be cool…now I just gotta get better at riding a bc so I can show you what I’m on about :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard of someone riding an Ultimate Wheel with their hands before, you could try riding the BC Wheel in a handstand (:
I’m pretty sure that one where you have it go under a bar and you jump over the bar has been done before…

I have done it with trash cans, i have tried to do it from riding but its so hard, i can spin it but i usually land on the wheel or miss completely.
I used to be able to hop and fling the wheel up off my feet and catch it then jump back on. I got that idea because i was hopping over something and i did it on accident and i ended up standing holding the bc. I cant do it anymore though.
If you ride it crosslegged i think it would rub your legs too badly and with a handstand if evan tried it on his massive bcs it would eat his head. Probably more practical with a tiny bc or really long arms.

Wow! I thought I had a lot of cool ideas for things to do on a bc, but you guys have most of them already! -one foot riding, handstand, adopting figureskating moves to the bc… Has anybody succeeded in riding uphill? That’s my current challenge.

Hahahahahah, Yeah it proly would.:smiley:

Riding up hills isnt too hard, its just kinda stupid and takes alot of effort, you can pedal it like a skate board…or handwalk it.

Purely speculation here, but I think that your tire stall to riding away could be successful if you rode toward the curb at a fair clip, did a backward leaning squat as you got to the curb (to absorb the impact, and generate energy), then push off…riding away backwards. When you get good at that, jump 180 degrees at the curb and land on the plates riding off forward. If you land it, I personally want a video of it. Good luck.