BC Plates Design: Need Buyers

I designed steel plates using eMachineShop but its a little pricy to buy just one set. Im posting the specs here, if your interested please tell me.

Main Platform
Material - Steel, Construction; 4130
Thickness - .197"
Length from Top to Bend - 3.469
Drill Hole Diameter - 15mm
Length from bottom of drill hole to bend - 2.6"
Platform - 3.75" x 3.75"

Support Brackets

of - 2

Distance away from bolt (l & r) - .329"
Width of Bracket - .25"
Length of Wheel Side support - 3.1"
Lengt of Bottom Support - 1.678"

The support brackets will be welded long side up and wrapped around with the short side on the bottom.

Any problems with the design? Tell Me.

Price Chart

People Buying - Price
1 - $130
2 - $86
3 - $70
4 - $68
5 - $65
6 - $61
7 - $58
8 - $55
9 - $54
10 - $54

I would like to get another 9 People to buy. I am not sure if those prices are exact. The supports need to be welded but there is no way to include that in the computer quote. Shipping will also be tough sending to different areas, I would have to contact the admins of eMachineShop to see if thats possible.

These wont be ordered for a while. Probably in about 15 days if I can find people to buy, then estimated 20 business days for delivery. Friday is my last day home for 10 days so i will not respond to anything afterward. Please post any design problems/ideas quick so i can get them done.


PS: Pic of Design will be posted soon.

The Design For some reason the supports aren’t facing the right way.

bcdeign.bmp (316 KB)

Haha, Thats SOOO expencive.

What were the prices on yours? Its cheaper (and probably stronger) than bedfords, which was my main goal.


If you want them that wide, buy the 4" square 4130 tubing from factorysteel.com and do as I suggested before, cut it along the axis into two L-shaped pieces. Even if you had to do everything by hand it would be MUCH cheaper, take less time, and be just as strong as your design. In fact maybe I’ll make some, it’s only a matter of time before Nate and Owen bend their 7120 Aluminum BC platforms.



How much would 4 inches of this tubing be? Any clue?

I’m Not buying one, thats way to pricey for not so good made BC plates.

Wow Evan, after your products being constantly insulted by others, I would’ve thought you’d learn that people don’t like to hear that all their hard work is ‘not so good’.

Those supports are totally unnecessary. 3/16" steel is more than plenty for the plates, I would think.

Well comon! they dont look as good as darrens, and they cost more!

I dunno, I think it would be good to have some kind of support, maybe not those, but i think id bend them.

You say that like anyone cares wheather or not you buy e39m5’s plates. He is trying to figure out if enough people want to help him out so he can make them for a reasonable price. It’s not like he’s going around buying $5 worth of lawn mower wheels, shoving a steel rod through them with a cotter pin to hold it in place, then trying to sell it for 20$.

You don’t know how well made they are. He hasn’t made any yet. This design is better than anything i’ve seen you scrible out, and try to pass off as something quality.


bc plate design.jpg

THAT my freinds, is a strong plate, those doublers on the side will make it just aobut unbendable to a BCwheeler. THe pins will add SUPER grip, oh and its make out of 4130.

Bedford platforms are 75 without support. If I can get enough people, it would indeed be cheaper. The reason there are supports is because Evan has bent his platforms and they looked to be good quality. I do not see how this can be bad quality, just check out the site for yourself www.emachineshop.com

And the goal here is not to make a profit, its to get good BC plates for a pretty low price. There is really only one way I can make a profit. In order to be quaranteed 20 plates, I need to order 23. There is a +/-3 on the order. An extra set might be delivered, but cant be guaranteed.


Il buy a pair if im POSITIVE that they will not bend.

lol, whos up for jumping on platforms from high places besides Evan?

Why are you using pins, they look so high up that they will just make you feet wobble or poke holes in your shoes. Just glue on a piece of sand paper or get grip tape. Those doublers look a little thin, seems like they will just fold in, the best thing to do would be to weld on some square tubing, i think.


Dude, if your NOT jumping on it from high places, why not buy darrens? Hes a good guy and makes good stuff if your not thrashing your stuff like i am.

I still have to learn. Theres no way thesse can be worse than darrens, so why buy darrens, break em once i learn, and then get stronger ones. If I can do it all in one shot, its better.