BC or PSP?

I want to get a BC and I want to get a PSP. I figured that the BC wheel will come out to about $150 (if I build it myself), and just a PSP is about $200. (I can still download Video’s and music to it, and I could buy games later.) Which one should I get first? I already have a Torker LX, so I’m leaning twords the PSP. after I buy plates, I can also try them out on a wheel from a bike in teh garbage or something, untill I get a good wheel. So which one? I’m torn!

I say BC.

I’ve played PSPs, I’ve ridden BCs, I like BC’s more.

BC. Although I cant ride one PSP is too expencive and not worth it. Its just a video game system.

Also a bc once you have it (which is cheaper than a PSP) then you can use it however you want. Dont need to buy expencive games, no need to charge the batterys either, which the PSP doesnt have very good battery life either.

A PSP wont tone your abs.

A PSP wont get you babes.

Too true

I don’t care about the babes. Seriously.
Alright, would getting some plates and putting them on a wheel from the garbage, get a PSP, and then buying a better wheel be a better idea? I could learn to ride, learn a few basic tricks and small drops, and then get a better wheel if I decide that a BC is better than a PSP. I’ll have to play my uncles to see if it’s worth it. The selling point of the PSP for me is that my MP3 player has a mind of it’s own, wont turn on half the time, and I can’t delete any of the songs except for the ones on the flash card that I have in it. A PSP can also go online with a wireless hook up, right?
Ohh, I got it! maybe I’ll just get a job and then get both and maybe a DX or something! Except that I’m 14. argh.:frowning: :smiley:

Thats my plan except without the PSP BC and DX. And im not 14 but im going to get a job soon. And then i can get a MUni.

Lucky you. (I never thought I would consider getting a job lucky.:smiley: )

A PSP is way too bulky and has too poor battery life to be used conveniently as a pvp or an mp3 player. Also memory cards cost alot so getting it as good as an mp3 player is a pain.

I would suggest get yourself a full fledged bc, don’t skimp out. I weigh practically nothing and I bent 3 cheap axles just from trying to learn to ride. Unless you get a quality bike wheel with it (ie. 14 mm axle) then its pretty useless.

Another thing is that soon the PSP will be out of date pretty soon, and you won’t touch it, also it will depreciate in value 10000 times faster than a bc wheel, so if you give up on either one of the two in the next month say, you will be able to get more of your money back out of the BC wheel.

Exacly how much for a entire wheel are we talking about? I don’t want to get too expensive.

Dude, don’t get a PSP, they suck, I had one, then I sold it to get my DX, it was definitly worth it.
Go for the BC wheel!!!

I dont know why they really suck. But its basically a handheld PS2 with a short battery life. Its bulky and will be replaced in the new future by a new and even more shiny and expencive gadget. Also you have to ask the question: when would you use it? Probably just around the home or on short car rides. You cant bring it where you dont have a place to recharge it. It has the same or less games than PS2 or X box so if you already have one of those you wont get many new games.

Uh hu sure :roll_eyes:

What is a PSP anyway? Some game thing?

I really don’t like threads like this. Why should we tell you what to do? Can you not make your own decisions?

Well, that being said, Ill still give my opinion.
BC: $200
PSP: $200
Now, add the games. They are around $50 a piece and you will probably want one a month. Lets project for a year.
$50 * 12 months = $600
That means that,
PSP: $800
And an extra $600 at the end of the year to go towards a new uni or something :slight_smile:

Also, the PSP isn’t that great. It isn’t worth the money, and nor are the games. BCing is good for you. It’s excersize and its fun! PSPing (new verb), or gaming is just sitting on your a$$ and doing nothing. Which one do you think is better for your body. On a BC, you get better and you can do more stuff, hop higher, etc… With a PSP, you play a game, beat it, buy another one, beat it… Who cares? No point to it.

The PSP will be superseeded, or will break. A BC is upgradable part by part if you want to, and it will probably not break. If the BC breaks, you can replace the broken part. If a PSP breaks, throw it away.

A BC never needs to be recharged.

Now, I find BCing and uniing fun. Thats why I have phased out video games from my life totally since I started uniing. It’s a good thing, because I get outside more and get more excersise.

I find BCing fun. I find PSP less fun. It’s fun for the first little while, but then I get bored of games quick. I like BCing, I dont like PSP as much. That’s my opinion, I hope you liked it. If not, I don’t care… At all.

A PSP will turn your brain into mashed potatoes and as well as the rest of your body. It’s not worth it.

Get the BC and go outside and do something good for yourself!

Is it like a gameboy?

Just in case you aren’t being sarcastic Evan, it is a handheld gaming thingy. Much like a gameboy, but better.

its like a mini PS2. same graphics and stuff but its boring for anything unless your in the car going to a uni thing.