Battle Scars, pedals vrs treepotato....wonder who won

Yet again my pedals decided to attack my leg, was freemounting and foot slipped, pedal went in leg and well as you can see pretty painful (looked better when i got home and blodd was dripping all down my leg and everywhere shame i didn’t get a photo then :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone else got any nice grusome photos to post?

img_2086 copy.jpg

Be sure to wash it out really well. Pedals have a lot of nasty microorganisms on them.

I love my plastic pedals…

Any Plastic Pedals that arnt flat can still do the same damage, But the Metal ones with Pins do the most damage.


Looks like time to invest in pads! my legs have no cuts on them!!! amazing, they are scared though:( i hardly ever ride with out my pads now always, always, always, while doing trials and muni!
My legs were totally scar free untill a few months ago when i thought i would be a good idea to teach my girlfriend to ride.It seemed like a good idea to stand infront of her and tell her to ride to me… but no she fell backwards and the uni went forwards into my bare shin!

Mine are just rubber block type things, but they also have their drawbacks:
In mud they often get all slippery, and when I’m riding barefoot they give me pins and needles and a very silly pattern on the soles of my feet.

The main drawback is that the bearings are full of mud and grit and I need to replace them.

I’ve never really hurt anything except my pride on a unicycle, which is nice. But I’m sure it won’t last

Re: Battle Scars, pedals vrs treepotato…wonder who won

I think you better buy some pads verrrrrrrrrrrry soon!!!
That is definately leave a scar:(

I know the ones, I had a pair but they didnt give me enough grip for some of the freestyle stuff i do.


Funny thing about this sport. No matter how much we get hurt, we keep comming back!

I prefer the wounds from metal pinned/caged pedals over the pain from plastic pedals. When you hit your shin with a plastic pedal it causes a pain that lasts a while and no scars to show off/prove that it happened. When you hit your shin with metal pinned/caged pedals, it spreads the force over more area by cutting through your shin and only hurts for a minute or so. You also gain awesome dino damage!

note: the part about spreading the force over more area is most likely not true.


i found a source of oddyessy twisted pc pedals in the u.k.
they are made of some weird high density resin plastic stuff.

they are seriously the best pedals i’ve ever used.
i’ve got them on my freestyle unicycle, because i like the big square shape, and i’ve got them on my trials unicycle so they don’t tear my legs off.

and they are dirt cheap too.

i searched all over for these pedals before i could find a set.

I use those Oddyessy pedals on my Coker and you’re right, they’re very good pedals for the money. I really like the large platform !!!

As for my MUni, I use Mosh BMX pedals. They’ve got large platforms with some SERIOUS pins on them :astonished:

Re: Battle Scars, pedals vrs treepotato…wonder who won

Oh my, treepotato, that may be the worst pin-bite I’ve ever seen. It makes my puny pedal injury pale (well, not really pale, but at least light purple) by comparison.

You really need a padding strategy. I devised mine the day after the above photo was taken, and it has now saved me from at least 10 injuries just like that.

  1. Buy a cheap pair of volleyball knee pads, and wear them backwards so the pad covers your calf muscle.
  2. Buy a pair of soccer combo shin and ankle protector pads (Nike makes a decent one), and put those on next to protect the front of your shin.

Between the two, it’s an effective one-two punch against those nasty pedal pins. Here is a link to a photo where you can see how the setup works:

Good luck, and have a speedy recovery.


Well since you asked… :slight_smile:

This one I got at the Woodford Folk Festival. There’s a nice scar there now. I did the original injury in the morning on a fun ride that we were on trying to jump off a little jump we made. Then that afternoon we had our daily trials demo to do. I didn’t wear my pads because I was worried it would irritate the cut, but during that demo I opened it up again twice with the pedal. That’s a photo of it in it’s clean stage…originally it was lined with strange white bits of skin and lots of delightful stuff like that. :slight_smile:


Re: Battle Scars, pedals vrs treepotato…wonder who won

Potato Peeler :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaaha brilliant one!
my leg doesn’t agree though :stuck_out_tongue:

What kind of pedals do you use? I use pinned pedals lots, of various different varieties. I never did anything that bad with the one’s sell, but I got some from a bike shop here that have really long pins. Very grippy, but I’m sure the extra pin length doesn’t provide much extra grip while increasing the gougeability by lots. They’re DDG one’s, but I think they’re sold with many names.


I think it’s time to go out and do some serious pedal stalls and grinds to punish the pedals. :smiley:

Man, that’s almost as bad as what happened to Chex at camp. He did a unispin with a set of DK iron cross pedals, and his foot missed the pedal and it went right into his shin. I seem to remember it was abou 8 stitches. He has details. I had a one where I was wheelwalking up a dirt hill where my foot slipped off and every pin on the pedal left it’s mark on my calf. Lately my shins have been free of injury, though. Last night I kneed myself in the jaw twice doing pedalgrabs, though. That sucked. At least my pads don’t have the top plastic on them, so it was a bit softer.

I have a battle story,

I decieded to to some barefoot freesstyle in the street so i took off my shoes and socks, put my foot on the tire to get ready to wheel walk and i got aout and inch before my fut slipped off and my heel clipped my dk iron cross pedals.