What's the biggest injury that you incured unicycling (sorry ;)?

So far I’ve never broken any bones (knock-knock). One of my worst crashes was when running down the street pushing my 6’ in front of me. The thing started oscillating because I was running really fast. Then the tire started bouncing, then somehow it tripped me and I landed on top of it, from full-speed running. I had scrapes and bruises all over, and I was about 5 miles from home. I eventually got back on and rode home. This was with a 26:48 gear ratio.

More recently (2003 instead of 1981) I was riding Stevens Trail with Aspenmike and Brett Bymaster. I managed to hit a bump and fall on a poison oak plant, grinding into it with my elbow. So the nasty stuff went right into my bloodstream (or wherever it goes) and I had it bad. Not realizing how bad, I waited until the following Friday to see my doctor, who admonished me for waiting so long, and gave me two shots and a bunch of pills. The poison oak was so disgusting, it was dripping all over the place and I even had to cancel one of my only paying shows for the year. I hate poison oak, but it seems to grow along some of the best trails…

I dislocated my left ankle on slick rock trail in Moab which broke my fibula in two places and when my ankle poped out it broke the outside knob off my tibia. I highly recomend ankle supports!

You win. How long ago?

Moab Munifest 2002 friday afternoon Easter weekend it was the last weekend of April. I went for a three or so mile ride on the slickrock trail before meetining up with Rolf at the camp site. I had to be evacuated on a six wheel ATV. And then off to the Moab medical center then Grand Junction for surgury. Jon Sapp drove me to GJ and so we didn’t make it to the Munifest.

Woah, Tellurider, that’s an amazing x-ray! Congrats!!

I broke my wrist falling backwards,
broke my big toe jumping onto/falling off a log (still don’t know exactly how), broke a rib trying to learn ultimate wheel with wrist guards on, fell with the plastic bit of the guard sticking into my chest breaking the rib (never worn them since!),
and finally broke my collar bone trying to beat 17.7mph (my record) on a 24" with 89mm cranks.

I too, like Harper (I think it was him who said it), don’t count shin/skin wounds anymore. But the best one I’v done was photographed and documented here

When I showed my Ma the healing up of ^^ wound, she was totally shocked at the state of my legs from unicycling and told me I had to calm down and start taking care of myself. I just laughed and said, “It’s only skin”

Isn’t unicycling great!


Oh Aye, all of this in under two years unicycling!

This was possibly the worst - Battle Scars, pedals vrs treepotato....wonder who won . I still have quite a big scar almost 2 years later.

This was the most impressive - Face Plant! . This is the working video link - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=130292 .

This was one of the most painful - http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=129519&g2_serialNumber=2&g2_GALLERYSID=7b726ddce052c9a98b3730c64ee14315 . But oddly enough, the pain only lasted for about 30 seconds. I had a video of it somewhere.

There’s another story involving a fall onto my right elbow and hip from the top of a 5’ giraffe when my second foot missed the pedal in a rolling mount attempt and got stuck up above it as it swung around, thus keeping my legs up in the air and letting my upper body fall backwards onto the hard road…but now I have to get to work.


o my gosh andrew, that is hard for me to look at.

When I just started to learn, I rode realy far around my barn and was excited at my progress, then I rode over a dogbowl and cut my knee up real bad, it hurt like crap, but It sure was a fun scab!

My worst accident was when i was hopping off 6 palletes when i was trying to do a 180 crank flip and wasnt wearing my 661’s at the time and ended up doing like a 240 cranksflip and hit the ground with my pinned metal pedals smacking right into tmy shin…Hurt soooooo bad for about a month!

Getting hit by a car whilst on my coker’s my worst accident to date. Nothing broken but lost a fair bit of skin from my arms/elbows and bent my hand at a funny angle. Two of my fingers have only just got their full movement back, the accident was in April I think. It was a good thing I was wearing my helmet though as it went through the windscreen. I think my camelbak saved my back from a beating too.

Was that accident your fault? Or was it a female driver? Ha ha, bad joke. Only kidding.

My worst crash was at trials in UNICON in Japan. I landed headfirst on some pallets from a cablespool 2 meter in the air. Se a pic of the crash here:

And of me the same evening:

An other older accident was when I fell into some barbed wire, and now I got a 40 cm long scar on my leg.

Once drunk on my uni I fell on my chin and left half a tooth on the sidewalk.

Sorry. :slight_smile: Especially when you think that that picture was after re-opening it later on that done, not the original. I’ve seen far worse though on this site!

My ride ending injuries:

Bad landing after UPD from 9 1/2 foot giraffe. Landed straight legged and shattered left heel bone, bruised right foot badly. (Search if you want more detail).

Riding trials in my backyard last summer a 6x6 skinny rolled, the outside of my thigh fell onto the corner of the skinny. Quite a bit of pain and huge bruise later.

Trying a jumping dock start while water skiing the day after Muni ride last Labor Day weekend. Muscles were still too tight and tore my hamstring.

Worst injury: Severe bruised ego from failing Giraffe freemount in front of large crowd when I nailed it back stage just before.:frowning:

hitting my head whilst trying to ride down a flatbank at a skatepark. luckily, i had a helmet on.

http://www.busteduni.com for anybody who hasn’t seen it.

I might have scraped my leg… :stuck_out_tongue:
not as bad as being hit by a car…

My worst is not too bad. Trying to free mount a 6 footer, fell and twisted my ankle coming down. Sprained it. Not bad for 14 years of unicycling and that’s my worst injury. Even fallen off a 10 footer a couple times (chain broke, hit a bump going bwd, etc.) and haven’t gotten hurt yet. Gonna knock on wood now…

I’ve hurt myself way worse just by walking down stairs in Japan with an umbrella in my hand, standup pedaling on a bike when the chain broke and working on an indoor playground!

broken nose, 3 broken fingers, chiped tooth form 1 girafe fall. 12 in deep gash in my leg from riding near a contruction site

Is that like, break the skin, through the muscle, bone, and back out the other side?

i have a scar on my gooch from hopping on the end of a log and it moved… :angry: