Bath to Bristol ride

Any UK dudes close enough to this event to join in?

Sounds like a good ride and this link gives a good idea of the route:

I plan to do it on my 36 if I can get my act together

I’m up for that.

You planning on riding both ways?

I might be persuaded to come if there’s enough unicyclists attending :slight_smile:

I live in kingswood which is only a couple of miles away from the start of the cycle track.

I’ve done the ride a few times just for fun, it’s not particularly exciting, very straight and zero hills. Some nice views but its mostly shrouded by trees :frowning:

However there is a pretty fun path that starts by the picnic area halfway along that runs alongside the river, thats where i first fell in love with riding off road :slight_smile:

If you want to raise money for the charity though i’d say go for it!

Just realised that it’s the whole cycle track, i thought it was starting at bitton.

It is a nice ride, I only have a 29er and dont know if my crotch could handle the whole 28 miles but i live about half way along it so could just peel off on the way back :slight_smile:

Hmm Im up for it. will do it on my 29er, may go both ways, will see. Will be good to ride with someone else on a 29er.

I’ll be on my 29 too.

I’ll bring a stick to throw into Monocyclism’s wheel when he gets too fast.

Single speed 29er I hope? You bring a stick and I will find some stones to throw.

Only 28 miles there and back? easy, think I will go both ways.

I’m about half way along too and ride into Bristol most days.
I’m well up for a pootle along the track and back.

I’ll be on my 36er.

Glad to see some interest! I normally don’t see/meet any other unicyclists where I live :frowning: so the ride would be a great excuse to encounter a few like-minded dudes :slight_smile:

Yeah - but you know me, I expect at a leisurely pace.

You guys wouldn’t hurt an old man would you? :frowning: :wink: :smiley:

I like the sound of leisurely. What speed do you normaly aim to average?

Howdy Marcus,
Wow, I don’t actually aim to average any speed – I’m not that good! For me I think what comes out at the end of a run is essentially a product of crank length, my energy level and how many distractions I encounter on a run.

Have a number of cranks from 125 to 165. I stuck the 165’s on to do some hill work a few weeks ago and they are still on! Sure, they are comparatively slow on the flat but I am really enjoying the increase in cadence to get anywhere because for me thrashing my legs around is helping improve my technique as the whole body has to cope with the rhythm. I’ll simply swap the cranks out when I’m in the mood, and I could do Bath to Bristol with the long cranks - hence use of the term leisurely. However, I have a nice pair of 137 Moments that are tempting.

I spent a weekend riding with Into the Blue recently – he was on his 29 and me on the 36. With those long cranks on we both were at an identical pace on level pathways. Maybe we should ask him what speed we averaged. What say you blue?


I say pedal and be damned!

Wait, what was the question again?

That’s what I like about you…you get things in perspective. :sunglasses:

The question was - Why do you say the darnest things just when I am trying to bullsh*t my way out of a question? :roll_eyes:

Back to being sensible for a moment - Anyone think of a meeting/parking place?

Registration is at 9.30 and you start at your leisure. The registration point is new this year and for convenience is located right at the start of the cycle path.

The map shows the start of the cycle path at the Bristol end and registration is located at the junction of St Philips Road and Trinity Street, shown on the map. Kingsland Trading Estate is apparently a good place to look for free parking on Sunday and the map shows the edge of the Trading estate to give an idea of its proximity to the start of the ride. Check it out yourself on Google maps. Anyone who has GPS the postcode is BS2 0JZ. I guess I will aim for the Trading Estate and park there.

The entry fee is £5 and the postal entry-form is in the attached pdf document. Alternatively you can pay online by contacting the delectable Helen Game and mentioning my name….sorry got carried away there – her tel. is 01179 247275.

If you opt to ring Helen feel free tell her you are one of the unicyclist. She knows we are coming and it’s rather like saying, ‘I’m a knight in armour and I’m home from the Crusades’. Darn! Sorry Sean I am trying to keep this sensible.
I have been advised by Helen to contact the Bristol Evening Post because they should be interested to know about a few unicyclists doing the charity ride.

So, look forward to meeting like-souls at registration say, 9.30 – 10.00 on Sunday 4th 0ct - or any suggestions for time?

Phew! that’s enough sensibility for me for one day :stuck_out_tongue:

Bristol-Bath Cycle Registration Form - Email use.pdf (1.07 MB)

I’m up for this as well, on the 29", both ways.
Might bring my little sis along as well although she’ll be on two wheels (boooo hisssssss).

Whatever you do, don’t introduce her to Geoff.

Do you think he will be magnetically drawn to her bristols?