basic non-usa made 20" schwinn uni on ebay for $500 starting bid!!!

Considering the fact that it has cotterless cranks it cant even be that old…Its not worth $500 unless its the first uni that KH ever had and learned to ride on/.

MAybe he’s selling 2 scwinns and he put the price of this one really high so people think that the cheaper one is a ‘bargain’.

$4,000 is not very high for that car…unless there’s something wring with it.

There already are a lot of people selling their old Schwinns on eBay, for $50 to $100. If this one sells I’ll think there’s one less sucker out there. :slight_smile:

damit i thought i was getting a deal so i placed a bid, how stupid could i be ishould of known better

Does anybody know if Schwinn even manufactured the unicycles in Chicago (or the US), and/or when they switched production to overseas? As far as I know, they were made in Asia somewhere (probably Taiwan) since at least the switch over to cotterless, which happened around 1980. But the (old) seats were always made in the US, to my knowledge, by the Messinger company. Semcycle bought the rights/tooling for those seats, made some improvements, and offered them on the Deluxe Semcycles from their debut in 1985. Schwinn re-introduced their unicycles in late 1986 with what we now know as the Viscount saddles. Blue with white bumpers on the 24", and black/black on the 20".

Does anyone think Schwinns are worth more if they’re older? I think it might be kind of cool to have a 1967 (the year they came out) model. I don’t know what, if anything, is different on them other than the yukky triangular pedals they originally came with.

And of course a Schwinn Giraffe (discontinued in 1983) is still a gem.

BTW, nobody has actually bid on the $500 uni. None of us is that gullible!

I know all about schwinns outsource overthrow. They actually started around 1968. Some of the stuff being made/assembled in Mexico. Then around 1975-1977ish(BMX roots) they started to produce stuff in Asia and have been doing so ever since, the Taiwan factory is the same as it was. A good way to mark the outsource is when the “krate” bikes became no longer popular. The unicycles just follow the leader.

I wouldn’t mind owning an old schwinn unicycle. It would match my stingrays I have.

I have TWO 1966 original and near mint stingrays. A 3-speed deluxe stick shift blue, and a rare black 5-speed stick fastback. Gonna sell them on ebay soon I think.

PS: These were positively made in America!


Those are seriously beautiful. I bet they’ll fetch a pretty penny as the collectors’ items.