basic non-usa made 20" schwinn uni on ebay for $500 starting bid!!!

Unbelievable! I’m inclined to believe the price is a misprint. If not, the seller is clueless…of course if it sells for that price then the buyer would be clueless…and/or NUTS!

is that better or worse than the 12" (i think it was 12 or 16") jugglebug that was on craigslist for 350 and the guy said he bought it for 700.

major rip off

Only if you buy it. I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think the Schwinn is going to sell.

ooooo i dunno about that

i am considering getting it but i wont if the shipping to australia is too expensive.

You’re “considering” paying $500 for a totally Inferior unicycle? Why, when you buy a brand new KH 20 for LESS, and it’s a MILLION times better than ANY schwinn! You can also buy a brand new schwinn 20" for about 1/4 of that ebay ripoff price! They’re way heavy, and not splined and the bearings are crap. But hey, it’s your money.

I am pretty sure he was kidding… :roll_eyes:

[sarcasm]i dunno… that’s a pretty sweet setup there… you could do some hardecore shit on that. [/sarcasm]

i was planning on riding it at the next moab actually.

not if I outbid you!


How much could the shipping be compared to the (minimum) $500 for the uni? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if/when the Schwinn unicycles were actually made in the US. When they moved overseas mostly they didn’t change. This one has the big black & white stickers on the sides and seems to have the 1986-93 Panaracer tire, which means it has a “conventional” rim on it, not the S-7 rim of old. But it doesn’t have the pedals or seat that would have come with a Schwinn 20" at that time. Those are both older. That era of 20" Schwinns came with floor-friendly plastic white pedals, and an all-black Viscount seat. Under the black stickers, the frames still had the “grille” pattern of older Schwinns.

Cha ching!

i’d pay no more than 90 shipping for it.

UDC US charges $560 to get a coker shipped from the US to Australia - Rip-Off !!

iridemymuni ur sig take up half the page :astonished: :astonished:

why yes.

yes it does

Too late, I asked him if I could “buy it now” for $600, and he said yes, even though he thought the winning bid would probably be close to $1,100 or so. Yay, I’m so lucky!!!:wink:

I just sent him a Question…

Could you please tell me why this Unicycle is worth so much to you? I will bid if I think it’s worth it, but if this is just a regular Schwinn Uni, then I will just buy one for $60.00. Thanks

I will see if I get an answer that makes we want to pay $500.00

ask if he’d be interested in reducing the starting price to $1.00 so you can bid on it.

(notice the seller’s username, he’s just fishing for $$$$)

I’m thinking IF this sells there will be a lot of unicyclists trying to sell their old Schwinn unicycle on ebay, or buying one in a yard sale to resell

pdc will be kicking himself for selling his Schwinn for only $100

maybe this guy is trying to make it look like there is a market for old Schwinns


It’s not very old at all, and certainly NOT a US, Chicago schwinn! It’s average market value is roughly $50-60 tops.

If you think the staring bid on that uni is whacked out, check out the Jaguar XJ-6 (1994) car he’s also selling for just $4,000! That seems waaaay under priced!

The actual bluebook value for that specific vehicle ranges from a low (fair condition) of $4,700, to $5,900 (excellent) This is also for private party sale.