I saw the thing on “more than human” about Kris Holm. There was a test of his balance which consisted of him balancing on one foot with his eyes closed for as long as possible. I tried it out, and I got 48 seconds. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it or wants to try it to compare results.

i tryed it and i kid you not, i got…10.5 min.

and please dont argue with me on this one, its perfectly true.

Yeah, I think it depends on the person, or at least something besides what we saw in the TV Show.
I couldn’t get above 30 seconds, but a unicyclist I know was doing perfectly and gave up because he was bored at 5 minutes.

I did it for at least two and one half minutes, possibly as much as four. For some reason, I found I did best standing on my left foot with my leg straight and raised quite a bit.

well congratulations, according to this show you are all “more than human.” I have had numerous ear infections over my lifetime, and I was wondering if that affects my balance at all. I do beleive there is more than balance required for unicycling. I have never been able to walk accross a balance beam steadily, but I can ride accross one flawlessly.

I got bored after about 4 1/2 minutes.

You all realize,that the test is barefooted,with eyes closed?(I think)
That makes it harder.

I’m not very good at this exercise at all. I have realised over these couple of years of unicycling that I really rely on my eyesight for balance. I’m terrible at night riding too. Interesting.


I’ve also had a number of ear infections, and I’m pretty darned sure that it’s affected my sense of balance. Or I was just born with poor balance. But I found out at the Seattle Science Center that my sense of balance is worse than the average persons (but I think it’s actually improved since I’ve started unicycling).

Did the More Than Human episode air on TV again?

No, the show was not aired again, I saw it in one of the galleries, I don’t remember which one. I love night riding: the lack of light makes it easy because I don’t get distracted by all the extra detail. Too bad I can’t ride at night in my neiborhood.

Ah, I think I know which gallery. :slight_smile:

Which one? I saw some other interesting stuff there, but I only had time to watch the “more than human,” but now I have countless hours to waste.

I’ll give you a hint: John_Childs is a moron. (I don’t have many opportunities to say that, so I have to take this one)

ps check john’s signature

Yeah, I figured that one out after I asked the question. I would have edited my blunder out, but I had already missed the 10 minute time period. I was also distracted by the new rails clips so I didn’t get a chance to correct myself until now. Thanks anyway. Next time I’ll use my brain first.

“u’re not from around here, are u boy?”

(directions on the best style in which to read that sentence can be found here. i think i’m running the risk of becoming derivative, or lame, depending on dave lowell)

merry christmas !

1:00 then my leg started to hurt

I had my glasses break and i couldnt ride at all.

from trying to balance on one foot???