backyard unicycle velodrome

wouldnt it be possible to build a small velodrome with banked corners for a uni.

since uni’s dont go nearly as fast as bykes,the track would be really small and i think really fun.

if this was built for a 29er or Coker,i think it would be just big enough so the racers wouldnt get to dizzy.

is this a crazy idea?

any mathmaticians out there care to guess how big this thing would have to be for 29 inch wheel and a 36 inch wheel.

it needs to be small enough that a rider can ride all the way up on the bank without maximum energy use.the turns would need to be short i think.

basicly:how far would a byke velodrome have to be scaled down for a unicycle track racing?

my math may be off slightly, but…

it would need to be scaled down by half

Wouldn’t you get sick of only turning to the one side all the time though? I’ve never ridden in a velodrome on a bike or a uni so I don’t know what it’s like.


It depends on the design but the point is that you don’t turn. If you get the speed and angles right all the side forces cancel out. The only difference is that you will be slightly ‘heavier’.

Riding on a proper velodrome is horrid as they are designed for higher speeds so you have to keep turning up the hill.

The overall size is unimportant. You need to match the radius and banking angle to the speed you want to do

Perhaps a clever system of pistons and levers would allow the track slopes to be changed for different users…


The boredom of only turning one way, and the slight problem of being heavier could be compensated for by making the velodrome in the form of a Mobius strip, twisted into a figure 8. This would give a range of right and left turns and a range of ‘inside’ (heavier) and ‘outside’ (lighter) turns.

The rider could allow for the unlikely angles involved by wearing Cavorite coated garments.

I think it would need to be quite a bit smaller than that. Is your half based on half the speed of the bikes? I don’t think we go that fast either.

The problem with velodromes is that they’re so expensive to build. I think it would be way fun to ride on though, but once built, it’s stuck where it is (unless you spend even more and build it to be portable).

If you approach it in terms of a long, skinny oval, it might be easier to handle. The track is flat on the straights, and tilts up to the U-turn at each end. Then you can experiment with different sizes and angles in the U. It should only take three or four tries to get it where you want it… :slight_smile:

Then the hard part will be finding enough riders, who go at about the same speed, to race with. Until then…

Even better than a velodrom would be a Wall Of Death It’s smaller than a velodrome and can be made modular and portable. Quite a bit more impressive than a velodrom too. Just got to find a unicycle that can go fast enough. Maybe one of the motorized monowheels or motorized unicycles :slight_smile:

Ok, then, how about the Globe of Death. The Ringling folks get 6 of them motorbikes in theirs. I know it says 5 on the website, but believe me, they slip in an extra one at the end. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone else.

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Has anyone tried transferring skills and fitness gained from unicycling to riding a bike around a velodrome?

Think :
Huge thighs
1 fixed wheel gear
165mm cranks
No brakes
Feet both clipped in AND strapped to pedals
(okay maybe not the last one)

I managed to miss out last year when a local cycling club did a beginners trip to Manchester velodrome :¬(

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Re: backyard unicycle velodrome

On Wed, 21 May 2003 10:52:49 -0500, Fool
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>Perhaps a clever system of pistons and levers would allow the track
>slopes to be changed for different users…
Couldn’t that be solved easier by having a non-constant banking angle.
I.e. the higher you go up, the more the banking. Imagine this in a
fixed-pitch font such as courier:

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Cool Link! I saw the WoD many times as a kid in the 70s as part of the midway shows at the New York State Fair. Might even be this same structure (different riders obviously), since it says that one was built in the 40s. It’s a great show to see…