backwards wheelwalking?

Q about backwards WW…

I’m trying to figure out how to work this…

do you wheelwalk like normal, but pull your legs up to get the wheel going backwards, or are your feet somehow behind htw crown?

What’s the body positioning behind said move?

Take a look at the standard skill description for skills 21-24 for instance:

In short, you can do it both feet in front, both behind, or one front, one back. Then there is koosh koosh, skill 28.

True. But to call it backwards wheel walk, you have to use both feet, in front of the frame. It’s hard, and takes a while to learn. Part of why is because your feet have a pretty poor grip when moving in that direction up there. You have to press hard with your hamstrings, and not much leverage.

Stick with it!

Also, better than koosh koosh, is wheel walk backward one foot, behind frame. Same thing, but without the stoppy action of the other foot. That’s the way I do it.

Remember, read the Standard Skills List to see the names and definitions of a great many (not all) skills, transitions, and mounts.

Yes, my interpretation was that he was asking a more general question about wheel walking type skills going backward, not specifically about Standard Skill 21.

So johnfoss, did you find 28c (ww bwd 1ft behind frame) easier than 28a (koosh koosh)?


There is a style of backwards wheel walking that I think is called lace walking. Both feet are behind the frame. You wheel walk using the top of the shoes where the laces are. I’ve seen Dustin Kelm and some other riders do it. A picture would be worth 1000 words here…

Yes. But it’s not an easier trick. Since I haven’t put any time into koosh koosh, but a put a ton of time into the 28c many years ago, I can still do it with more ease. But it’s definitely a harder variation on koosh koosh.

Lace walking, as John Childs mentioned, was not a name I’d heard before, but it seems to make sense. Or shoelace walking. At first I thought it was the spoke walk, but that one already has a name. The logo for the 1998 USA Convention featured a silhouette of Dustin doing the lace walk. He was the first person I’ve ever seen perform it (which means to do it more than 2’).

is that possible? bet that would look impressive think i’ll learn to wheel walk first though! :stuck_out_tongue:

pardon me for being overly visual here but i figure the name ‘lace walking’ IS a picture worth a thousand words!

(the pen proving mightier than the shutter?)

would it be possible to lace walk forward as well?

You’d have to ask Dustin.

I don’t know if anyone has done the lace walk forwards. I’m not going to say it’s not possible because then Smiley (Ryan Woessner) would do it and prove me wrong. Dustin’s going to be at the California Muni Weekend. I’ll try to remember to ask him about it.

and then u can ask him about one-foot lace walk


That’s what Dustin does, and probably the reason this image was used on the '98 NUC logo. Sorry I don’t have an image of that to show.

To go backward, it’s easier to use your toes. You have to use your laces to go forward, and there’s so little grip strength, and so little range of motion, it’s really hard to get anywhere with it. But I bet Dustin could do it one-foot at least a little bit as well…

Oh, I thought he did the lace walk thing going backwards but my recollection must be incorrect. I’ll have to ask him if he’s ever done it going backwards.