hey i was just wondering if it’s possible to ride a unicycle with a backpack on(i have yet to get my unicycle) 'cause i hear it’s tough on a bike so I don’t know.

Yup, it’s certainly possible to ride a Uni with a backpack. Of course it depends how big the backpack is and what it weighs. But once you’re able to ride any distance you shouldn’t have any problem with a small pack. In fact, I find a backpack pretty much essential so I can carry a hydration system.

It is certainly possible. I do it almost every day. Just don’t load it up too much. I would likely not be able to ride with the backpack my 7th grader carries to school…tom

I’ll often bring groceries home in a backpack. - not a week’s worth, just stuff for that night’s dinner.

Backpack and frontpack

I often go to work with my backpack carrying my laptop and a lot of stuff. It weights about 5 kg I think. I ride for about 2 km.

Yesterday, I tried to also ride with my son’s saxophone on my chest, and my backpack on the back. It was fine (but I sweat a lot). It can be an option to manage weight on your body.

Same here - although I buy groceries for a week. Weights at least 5 kg I guess (just milk and juice = 3-4 liter ~ 3-4 kg). Definitely doable, although you’ll sweat a lot on your back.


I used to ride with a backback with my trumpet (in a case), food, water, extra clothes and such. Very uncomfotable, but very possible.

I ride to school with a backpack up to 6 miles(9.5km) a day and until this year I don’t think I’ve had my backpack weigh less than 30 pounds(13kg) it’s definitely possible although after a few miles can get uncomfortable if you don’t have a decent backpack with nice straps and buckles to keep it from digging into your shoulders and swaying back and forth as you ride.

When I was a kid, I used to ride my uni delivering newspapers, with the double sided newpaper bag. I mut’ve carried close to 150 papers daily…I don’t see a problem with riding with a backpack, as long as it is comfortable, and tensioned correctly.

Its definately possible I carry a backpack with just about every trip I go on with my unicycle.

of course its possible…you need to carry your stuff around while you ride, such as food, water, and other supplies

The only things you can`t really do well with a large backpack are trials and hardcore Muni. I would also caution not to go too fast when wareing a large backpack as they can affect how you fall if you are unfourtunate enough to have a high speed UPD. I firmly believe that my fall last year that left me with a badly seperated shoulder would have been of little consequence if I either was carrying a smaller backpack or going considerably slower.

I almost always have a small backpack with hydration system and food for rides over an hour.

i always ride with a small pack, and have carried tent, cooker, food and water for three days on my back while unicycling before.


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When I was younger (21) and fitter I once carried a bag of groceries home including 24 litres of milk. So, a bag weighing in excess of 24kg. It’s certainly doable, but I wouldn’t want to carry much more than that or to ride far with that sort of weight (I only had to ride about a mile).

its possible with lots of stuff… I take a bag every time I go out to record, usually taking a drink, food, tools, money, phone, camera and sometimes a tripod. That isn’t too bad. If I go to the shop I take my bag and unicycle, becuase the shops charges extra for bags, thats fine. I do a paper round 5 days a week, that doesn’t make riding any harder.

If you really want to be silly, unicycle carrying more unicycles, or while wheeling a bike along next to you… or carry an immensely heavy palate up a hill on a unicycle! It kills your back but the looks from passers by are priceless!

Travelling Lite

I was wondering about a short unicycle tour of about 4 or 5 days and carrying one of the ultra-lite backpacks complete with ultra-lite minimal tent etc. Does anyone have experience at packing such equipment on a unicycle and any recommended brands to start my search?

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