Back it up Game

how long will that take?
this lessons nearly over…

What lesson? I think I missed something.

I tried to upload it with one computer and it kept freezeing so I came in my room to do it. It is almost done so I will edit soon and upload to youtube…

There is one now. I don’t know how long it’s been there but here it is:
It’s in Dutch though. I tried getting it into English w/ the help of a translating site, but it only did about half the words. I’m trying it again comparing several different translations.:o

Yeah, somewhat. But if you have done the trick at least once before, post that you’re going to do it, then film it and load it up, like I believe you suggested before, and Spencer just did.

Ok well youtube is pissing me off. I tried 3 times and it didnt work so here it is in my gallery.

The new trick is just a treflip, I learned them today. I tried them a few weeks ago going to sif and I tried for about an hour straight and didn’t land it. I changed my unispin technique a few days ago and it took me 3 minutes to land my first treflip today.
I was going to have my next trick be a 180 wheelflip but I landed it way too fast so I figured it was too easy.

Here it is. I did my best at translating it.

I was at school
but not anymore

nice trey flips spence, what was the new technique you got any tips,

Yeah, well before when I did 360 unispins and attempted treflips I had both hands on the same side of the seat and when I spun it I completely let go of the uni then caught it again sif.

Now I still have both hands on the same side of the seat but I don’t let go with the one in front. I keep that hand on and then towards the end of the spin I pull it back towards my body and then grab on to it with the other hand too.
That way I never lose contact with the seat and it goes to seat in every time. Also when I do it that way I can lift the uni up more easily.

When I used to try them to sif the hardest part was catching it at the end and being in control. This way the only hard part is getting the flip timing right and remembering to not let go of the seat. I dont have to worry about catching it at the end anymore, it just kind of happens.

Pro Game

Here is Spencer’s treflip and the new trick is a switch flip (a crankflip with your other foot forward). I originally wanted to do something else, but I couldnt get it so I just did the switch flip.

Video Link


Why has the pro game gone to expert level tricks?

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Nicely done man, but these tricks are suppose to be on flat, like it were a game of UNI.

You said the pro level was all tricks. So to me that means anything.
If you go by difficulty, for me a tre(y)flip is harder than a 180 double.

But your 180double wasn’t full. Making that trick come all the way around is what makes it difficult. If you can kick double, it should only take about 10 minutes to learn to 90 with the double. But to swing it all the way around will take some time…

The tricks should go.

PRO LEVEL: Doubleflip variations (not the doubleflip), Late Variations (not lateflip), Switch Variations (not switchflip), and some of the most difficult singleflip tricks (varialbackflip, fullvarialflip, 360 varialflip, full 360flip, etc.) Anything lower than those go in the Expert level.

NOVICE LEVEL: Flip, Backflip, 180flip, hickflip, unispins, twists, fakieflip, etc, first 8-10 so flip tricks one will learn.

EXPERT LEVEL: Everything else.

-Shaun Johanneson

P.S. The Pro Level is so people push themselves to learn the best tricks out there, too many people know treyflip, not enough know switchflip, lol, but it’s not that hard, I knew about 1.5 years ago. Too old of trick. It should have just the hardest flip tricks out there right now, that most people just can’t go out there and bust out with it being legitiment. The expert level should be the most active. The only person i’ve seen do a complete 180 doubleflip (full flips, full enough 180) is Kelly Hickman.

Ok well you pivoted into and out of yours…

Not trying to start anything, but the first of your 180 flips definatly wasn’t full and the second is a wee bit sloppy. I’m sure if you went out and filmed some more you could get a good one.

Shauns looked good.


Maybe there should only be two levels. Novice and Pro (or whatever you want to call them). Its hard to place certain tricks only in certain categories because its all relative to the rider.

For example, hick backflips, treflips, and switch flips are easy for me while double flips and outflips are pretty hard. But on the other hand, outflips and doubles are really easy for Spencer, while treflips, variel flips, and hick fakieflips are much harder. Different tricks come easier/harder to different people.

Spencers first 180 double, definitly was not a 180 double, but I thought the 2nd one was fine (a little sloppy but still Id count it). Im starting to see the same thing happen now that happened with my sex change…

Haha! That gave me a good laugh.:smiley:

Yeah I know my first one was bad, thats why I filmed the second one. I guess I shouldn’t have put it in but I didn’t think it would hurt anything.
I know the second one wasn’t perfect either…Shaun’s was better than mine but if you want to be really picky about it its not a full 180 either.

Well, it’s up to Shaun, the person to land the trick calls it like he see’s it.

Thats what has happenend in the past, thats what should happen now.

Try to film a better one if you can, but it’s up to you.


I don’t mind if he doesn’t count it. If someone wants to do it better then thats fine with me.