AX vs nimbus isis 29er's

I have decided that i am buying a 29er but i dont know whether i should get on right now (ax, $190) or if i should wait and get the (nimbus isis, $274)
or Sun 29er From pdc ~$190

I will take it off road on some hiking trails sometimes and will ride around town.
So my question is for 29er owners do you think that a splined hub is necessary for a 29er how much abuse do you make yours go through with normal riding and muni?

I would go for the Nimbus 29er ISIS. Its got by far the best seat of the three and the ISIS splines aren’t just good for being strong - they hold the cranks on better. Sometimes cotterless cranks tend to loosen up on you.

ok ill try for that i just got an insurance check for ~500 dollars so hopefully my parent will let me use some of it

How much do you weigh and how much muni will you do?

You can get a KH 29 from A E Bike for about 475 $ or so. Worth considering, especially if you are a serious off roader. Perhaps over kill if you are just going to ride around town. A cheap cotterless won’t break in normal use if you are say, under 125, even in muni etc. But it’s still fun to have a nice uni. I think if you stay with the sport a long time, you will be glad to have bought a KH. It will always be lighter, and worth more $ if you do ever sell it. So it’s only a bit more expensive in the short term, in the long run a KH is cheaper.

before the release of the nimbus ISIS i would have agreed with you, a splined hub is always a wise investment. Yes of course the KH is lighter stronger and sexier, but i think the chance of breaking the nimbus is so small that paying getting on for twice the money on a KH for light muni isn’t an obvious choice

I am sometimes a bit of a KH AEB fanboy

This new nimbus does look really good. I was surprised that it has a 20x42 bearing (1$ each mega standard size) . I was under the impression that the new ISIS size was 22mm. Anyway, it looks good for this price.

I don’t have a 29 yet, and if -when I get one, I am pretty sure it will be a KH. Except perhaps if I hold out a bit longer I can get a 29 er made from sponge titanium. Like Aerogel, except titanium instead of glass. The foam matrix of titanium polymerized with exunobtainium is so appealing I may wait.

But if I was to buy a 29 today I would get a KH. I’m a fat guy that will pay more for good light things. ? :roll_eyes:

The nimbus does look good though.:slight_smile:

Yeah thanks i already order the nimbus isis i should be here Tuesday i decided i wanted to do more than the ax would take im 6 ft 190lbs but i cant justify getting the kh 29er although im sure it is awesome im happy with the nimbus. the only tings i may ned to upgrade are the rim and tire for off road but for now ill just use the big apple it comes with anyone use that off road? how is it

Those who have the Nimbus isis 29er, let us know how the rim holds up. That’s the odd choice, to me–for a build cost upgrade of probably $10-20, they could’ve gone to a double-wall rim. I’m thinking about getting at least one of these for my kids (I have a KH 29er with the double-hole cranks), and would appreciate any info on the hub’s longevity.

Mine nimbus 29er gets delivered in the afternoon.

Nice :smiley:

Is that white widow seat for the 29er?

for now
then i might put it on my trials

I used the big apple off road a bit. The tire is good enough for dry and mild trails but anything really wet or rocky will leave you wanting a different tire. Kenda Klaw or something similar.

ok cool that is what i figured i might get a new tire around Christmas if i feel like it needs it.