FOR SALE: Sun 29er with Brake

Sun 700c with brake. Nice shape 1 3/4" tire, 152mm cranks. Before anyone comments, I’m aware that it has a crappy seat. This would make a nice inexpensive commuter.

$150 plus shipping from Zip 22939.


kinda scetchy…

no, pdc is a very truthful salesperson.

dont post unless yor inetersted!!! gosh so annoying!
sorry pdc for making another pointless post.

pdc you were goign to sell it to me before then you said youd send pics and you never did

so huh

are you kidding me? thats dumb. just cause i dont want a poc sun doesnt mean i cant make my opinion heard. i almost bought a kh from pdc so i know ther are a very truthful sales person. done.

Well it’s not your right to go around spreading propaganda to sway people into not buying something.

dude im not doing that. i wasnt trying to get people ot to buy it.

Sorry I’ve been busy. These are the pics. You’ve got first dibs.

well thanks i have to check my money

Might not have been your intention but obviously anyone interested would see your post and maybe reconsider their purchase.


Its true. Im not sure if your calling the uni sketchy, or PDC. The uni isnt sketchy. Sun makes some good stuff, and a lot of people on these forums who dis on Suns, never rode on one, ever. Besides, the uni is a 29". Your not going to be taking it off stair sets and ledges.

This is a great deal for anyone wanting a distance/light muni uni.

i was calling the uni scetchy…it looks good but i dont like suns…(oh and i have ridden one…i kinda learned on one)

ive ridden my sun for a while now and it takes alot of abuse
it said it had a weak rim but its held up to 4 stairs
im going to keep riding it till it falls apart

Glad to close this sketchy thread.