Awesome Julien Monney Freestyle clip

Check out this incredible freestyle clip:

Just goes to show nothing is impossible.

Julien said that the saddle is fairly similar to a normal saddle but with small platforms for his feet (which are not attached- he’s just standing).


This just got posted a few days ago here

But we’ll fogive you becuase your Kris Holm :wink:

That is CRAZY!

Oops didn’t see that.

Nonetheless a clip like that is worth a few posts.


I agree, I missed it first time round.

Oh how humble do I feel after seeing those clips.

That is the greatest feat of human balance… ever.

Possibly, although that Swedish guy’s ultimate wheel handride on a slackrope is a close contender.

Re: Awesome Julien Monney Freestyle clip

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 01:21:12 -0600, “jsm” wrote:

>Possibly, although that Swedish guy’s ultimate wheel handride on a
>slackrope is a close contender.

That Swedish guy is Reino and, without wanting to play down Julien’s
achievement, to me his trick is still the greatest.

If it means anything, Reino has practiced nothing but that single
trick for six years until he could do it. I think I’ve read (in leow’s
post) that Julien practiced the saddle stand coast for “only” four

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I swear I’ve seen a collection of japanese freestyle videos where they do standing on the saddle and spins while standing on the saddle. There were like, 6 different people that could do it.

I wish I still had a link.

Are you sure they weren’t standing on the crown? I don’t have the link but I think John Childs has a subgallery in his gallery titled Japanese Freestyle or the like. That’s where I would look for the Japanese freestyle standing-on-crown-coasting videos if I had more time.

Klaas Bil

I really remember it being the seat. However, if I’m the only one who seems to remember this stuff existing I’m probably wrong. It was about a year and a half ago.

Sorry, but it was the crown. If people were standing on seats, we would know about it! Plus, nobody stood on any seats at Unicon XII, though we had an amazing number of people do freehanded one-foot standup glides with the other foot waay up in the air behind them!

Yes, I still have to go with Reino for greatest unicycling feat ever. Though he may have worked on it for six years, Renio was a working performer so he obviously had an act going on at the same time. Reino’s finished product presumably included getting in and out of the skill, not just the middle part.

But give Julien time. I’m sure he’s not finished!

Is this the link?