Average hop for 12 year old.

whats an average hop heieght with seat in for a person who is 4"11"?
whats an average hop height with sif for a person who is 4"11"?
And who is 12.
I can hop about 38cm seat in, and a bit less sif.

thats nutz!

what about a 12 year old.

7 years old AND on a 16" uni, that insane.

Peter M

Well, Ryan Atkins is 21 and can jump 105cm, so a 12 year old should be able to jump 60cm.

At 38, my max is 190cm.

How did you calculate that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

Simple, since Ryan is 21 and can hop 105cm, that’s 5cm per year (105/21). You should see Harper hop.

I don’t know but I’m sure the average for a 12 year old is higher than the average for a 50 year old (except for maybe MuniAddict who’s out at +3 standard deviations on the 50 year old curve).

Ryan can hop 109cm BTW.
I would like to see Harper hop then indeed, if that formula is right :wink:

Peter M

I managed about the high of 4(or 5 not too sure) pallets

If it’s 5, then you hop the same height as me.
Just for the record :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter m

Im 13, and Ive done 60cm…

looking at a pic of pallets on google it was probebly 4, but If I find 5 pallets somewere I’ll try jumping them! :slight_smile:

What kind of pallets where it?
I use EURO pallets and those are 15cm each, so 75cm for 5 pallets

Peter M

Ah, he must be almost 22 then.

well I have a short trials vid now but I need to upload it, as for the 48cmish hop there is no vid :frowning:

edit: vid

there is no average because age has little to do with it

although you can still get an adverage

I think you must have made a BIG error in your calculation! 190 Centimeters is about 6 feet, 2 inches! I know of nobody who can hop anywhere near that high! Unless we’re talking about a rolling hop, distance-wise. From flat to flat that’s way above average I would think. The original thread was referring to “Hop Height”, not hop distance.

He is joking, you know :roll_eyes:

Peter M