australian video!

okay. whilst i have my stitches in i cant ride. and ive been meaning to make a vid for awhile. so awile ago i got some state of the art editing suite using unmentionable methods. so basically if your from australia and can get some video to me ill be happy to include you. id be wrapped to get some footage from people like andrew carter, alex toms, and simon wells in particular. however i dont like my chances:) so anyone with some good film of themself send it to me. for length im thinking around 20-30 mins allup. any tips wouldbe sweet.

edit: my dads an ex movie director so if ur in the brisbane area and need someone to film you i can help out.

If owen brings his camera I think we could get some footage of anyone who turns up to this street weekend, plus we could always film more later on.

Good luck with that video man. Don’t expect too much in too quick of time. lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

YAY ive always wanted to be in a video (lets cal it "phlamph 3: return to phlamph mountain) oh and tom cups hand to mouth in an attempt to amplify sound Do YoU MiNd fIlMinG Me?

i can film ive got a decent camera. it can save stuff to the computer from tape at 178mb per minute.

not much compared to fantastic really expensive cameras but yeah.

I’d be happy to go out riding/filming with you all but don’t expect anything all that impressive from me. Lucky for you, there are now a bunch of great riders in Brisbane to film!

…still, I would like to get out and ride some rails again. It’s been about a year!



but seriously, send me video now :angry:

When we go on the next street ride bring your camera and film a whole bunch of stuff, then you’ll have something to work with, if you can’t wait untill then go and film yourself tomorrow.

i may be in but i would have to discuss it with the rest of my “crew”. we have a bunch of footage but i think we are gonna make our on movie - i’m not sure.

being in a unicycling crew sucks. children just go out and ride!

i could possibly try and talk to simon about filming him…also i could probably talk to dan cowling as well. however it might be hard to get him up here

your forgetting the 5 stitches

and your forgetting we organ ised it for next week or so :stuck_out_tongue:

could i send you some videos of me and i could be in it.

You dont have to discuss it with us anymore than you used to. It’s cool with me if you send them the footage, that just means it’ll be out faster. I think kevin will be fine with it.

I also think Keven will be fine with it.

im just wondering where to post the vids. email is too slow. and im unsure if you can download vids from the gallery.

I could msn them to you it wouldnt take too long

:astonished: would take a while. ill find a upload site

mail DVD’s or CD’s to gabe from around australia?