This sale is for Aussie and Kiwi riders only. Ive got a mean MUni for sale. It has honestly less than 20km of riding on it. Here are the specs of it:

Nimbus Black Frame
Black KH Fusion Air Sadle
Black Poznater Profile Cranks unscratched 175mm
Silver Poznater matching Hub
Gazzaoldi 26 X 3.0 Tyre with most of the hairs still on it
Black Sun DoubleWide 36 hole Rim (highest upgrade. Rim is indestructable!)
Eastern USED pedals. Pedals are going to need changed. I gave the ones that came on it to Shaun Johanneson when we was visiting me. So the ones on there now are the ones from Zack Baldwin Trials Uni which is what i ride now.

Well that sums it up. Ill post pictures when someone tells me how. I have forums :smiley: . Im looking for around 1000AUD. MUni has less than 20km of riding time. A great MUni for the money… I know thats expensive, but the same or close to it is around 1400-1500AUD . Let me know if your interested.


PS im always on MSN and AIM if you want to chat about it.

hey man, great you see another aussie on the forums.

unfortunately im not really into muni (although i hold the australian junior muni title :wink: ) and if i was i would probs get like a kh or something cos its lighter and cheaper even though phat profile munis are awesome!

let me know if you’re ever in melbourne. we are having a bit of a street weekend from the 7th to the 10th of december so it would be cool if you could come down for that. i think there are a few brissy people and a tasmanian coming too. someone said something about dan cowling and matty porter coming too but i dunno if thats true or what.


that would be sick if i could make it down there. Ive never been to Melbourne and would love to go cause I ride street. In fact i rode for 5hrs today :smiley: I think i have finals on the 7th of December, but i could be wrong. Where would i stay? etc. well let me know, and Ill see what I can do



hey man,

yeah it would be cool if you could come. its gonna be pretty casual i think - maybe like find a backpackers in the city or something cos thats mostly where we are gonna be riding i reckon.


man you could take my place. although you might not be as nice as me…


arent you coming?


this thread should be in regards to my MUni sale please :smiley: any offers what so ever… I understand fully 1000 AUD is alot of money.

sorry about the threadjacking

can you post some pics? when you reply to the post scroll down to the “manage attachments” button. thats how you attach stuff.


PM’d you.

Wow i would buy this if i didnt have to buy a trials uni as well. But i have about that much to split between a muni and a trials :frowning:

in the shot disregard the extra pedals… I gave them to Shaun Johanneson and Shaun is in the last pic looking ever so serious… He said its a solid good MUni and would serve as a great ride. Thats comin from the pro himself.


wow man thats a beast! a bit out of my pricerange though.

Price Reduction

ok I am knockin some change off the sick Uni. I really need some cash… New price for the Uni is 800AUD.

for $800 the buyer is practically stealing it. the profiles alone are worth 600 here.

i wish i needed a muni so i’d have an excuse to buy this

i cant believe nobodys jumped on this one yet, its probably the best deal thats ever been in the trading post


would anybody be interested in parts off of the MUni? I can sell it as parts considering i get a decent amount…

read the specs again



i would tkae the air saddle… but with shipping to the uk… i think that would not be reasonable… i’m sorry to hear you got no customers that is an awesome uni…

how much for the rim?
Or the hub and cranks?
i might be interested in one or the other depending the price.


For the Cranks and hub im looking for the 400 range. thats 250 off what they are new, and these are practically new…

Cranks and Hub- 4??
Rim - 110
Gazz 26X3.0 tyre - 75
KH Fusion Air Saddle with seatpost - 90
Black Frame - 80

anyhting else let me know

sweet, unfortunately i cant afford any of it untill after christmas due to a recent speeding fine and christmas present purchasing but if it still around then i shall purchase the hub/cranks.

Hey Isaac, I sent a PM to your message inbox regarding buying one of your frames off you.

What’s your MSN by the way? As I’d like to chat on MSN about the deal more!