Article about me and RTL in Poughkeepsie, NY paper

I’m featured in an article in the Po’town Journal of today (7.13.08) focusing on the RTL. The article is factually very accurate (tho I only have 20 unis, not 30 – that’s John Foss), but the writing is a bit confusing in places where the writer was forced to condense due to constraints of time (we only spoke a few days ago) and space (it’s a quarter-page story about a five-day race for people who don’t know anything about the subject).

Here is the link:

I should mention that the first sentence is confusing till you realize that the ‘one’ means the number 1.

Hello David,
Great News! Especially cool with unicycling making the sports pages.

Thanks for the post, I had missed the article today. If you’d like another copy of article, PM me your address and I’ll mail it out.