Arrow Racing Savage same as Duro Wildlife Leopard?

I’m looking for a “in production” 26 x 3 tyre that is similar to the Nokian Gazzalodi and Intense DH. I have a 26 x 3 Duro, but it’s just to soft in the sidewalls, so it folds unless I run high air pressure.

I have an Intense DH on my 24", which I really like for its stiff sidewalls and ability to run very low air pressure, but it’s not made in a 3". I like the Gazz almost as much as the Intense, but they are like hen’s teeth these days.

So, does anyone know if the Arrow Savage 26 x 3 is similar to the Gazz or is it more similar to the Duro Wildlife Leopard.

I need first hand info, not just speculation :roll_eyes:


It is the exact same tire, just rebranded. The arrow savage even has the leopard logo on the sidewalls. Seems to be the only 3.0" available easily.

We’ll miss ya at independence pass this year!
Are you coming out this way at all??

Thanks Scott, that’s what I had guessed.

I wish we were coming out for Indy Pass. When went riding last night, Alex started asking why we were not going, he became a bit sad, I think all this hot weather is making us miss the cold snow. It was 90 degrees and 80% humidity yesterday :astonished:

On a bright note, the riding is stellar and we now have reunited with a couple riders we met last summer; they ditched us cuz we sucked at the time.

Can’t wait till next summer! We’ll have three to four weeks, unis and skis will come along. We need to plan for a couple long rides. You ought to see Alex ride, he amazes me daily with what he can overcome. Just yesterday he rode up a root tangle that I couldn’t even hop through! But I can still outclimb him on the long stuff; at least for now :wink:

Theres also the Arrow Wide Bite thats 24x3.0, I havent tried it but I sure would like to.

I’m assuming you meant they don’t make a 3" for the 26"? Intense does have the 24x3, and though they are out of production at this time, there are still some left at uniproshop.I have 5 myself, for future replacements.

So why doesn’t Arrow make a 24" Savage! :frowning:

They still make the wide bite 3" don’t they?

They do still make the wide bite, but the knobs are a bit tall for hard pack riding. Intense does not make the 24 x 3 DH tire in a 26"; I use their 24 x 3 on my smaller muni. I think the Duro is a fine tire, but at my weight it folds to easilly. I’m looking for a Gazz 26 x 3 now. Anyone?

It looks like the 3" Wide Bite is still made, but only in 24". I have one and it does have lots of volume and stiff sidewalls, but I’m only comparing it to my 24X2.6" Kenda Kinetics. But I don’t like that it has a rounder profile than my Kenda, making it want to turn w/ each half crank in sand or mud and on uphills.

The 3" Gazz is no longer made. If you look you can find on in 26X3" and even 24X3 if you look REALLY hard. The 2.6" Gazz is getting hard to find as well, esp in 24", so maybee it has been discontinued also:o

Haha, if you think the Duro folds…and it does, just wait 'till you try that gazz!!! It’s the absolute WORST, weakest sidewall you can get. And I can only imagine how much worse it would be in a 26x3! :astonished:

Arrow Wide Bite

For over a year now I have a brand new Arrow Wide Bite sitting in my shed. I just keep putting off replacing the old Duro even though it is bald. The Arrow seems to be slimmer but longer. That is when you are not on the Unicycle the profile would only be about 2.5" but as soon as you are on at least 3" will make contact witht he ground. It seems that the outer circumference is larger than the Duro and that it has more of a rectangular rather than circular cross section. As soon as I do replace my Duro with the Arrow I will write a review.


The Wide Bite is 67 mm wide at the knobs on my 38 mm Alex DX-32 rim (it’d be wider on a wider rim). It wasn’t obviously wider than my 2.6" Kenda, but it was much taller, overall, it looked monstrous in comparison.

My initial impressions - post #3