Are you riding your fatty?

After you got a fatty (Oregon, Hatchet or other), is this your preferred Muni or do you still use a regular Muni most of the time? If you don’t ride your fatty much, why is that?

I didn’t think I wanted a fat uni, but after seeing the Nimbus Hatchet I want one because it’s the coolest looking unicycle I’ve seen. I’m very happy with my current Oracle 26/Surly Knard so I’m a little worried that the Hatchet would just collect dust.

That is a fair question. And the answer will… depend on your riding style :smiley:

I love my fatty and it is my main muni machine because I like how it rides. But it is not meant for everybody.

You may like a fatty if (list not comprehensive):

  • you like to plow through things
  • you cannot have enough of tire (you feel like a 3" tire is good but can be better)
  • you can manage feedback and steer the uni with a "strong hand"
  • you don't mind riding slower/have more exercise
  • you don't mind having your legs rub on the tire sometimes (or you are a cowboy and there is no way legs can rub)

You may not like a fatty if (list not comprehensive):

  • you need to have the lightest muni possible
  • you need to go as fast as you can
  • you like to ride with surgical precision in your trajectories
  • you cannot stand if the uni is not reacting at a very subtle poke
  • you want the least drag possible
  • you want your muni as compact as possible

As usual, the best would be to give a try to one. But if you have no fatty rider nor shop around and you do not plan on traveling to a convention this year, it will be a theoretically informed decision.

On the upside, you may be able to return it or sell it easily if you do not like it :wink:

Note: the 65mm rim can fit down to a 2.4 tire if necessary (with enormous clearance). So you can also enjoy the fat tire muni during winter time in the snow and swap it for a smaller one like the Surly Knard 3.0 for summer !).

I’m about half and half. In Michigan, we do have groomed snow trails in the winter, but I also ride the fat for our sandier trails. Just the mood I’m in. I like my 29er equally well. I really like the fat tire for a more casual ride, or a new trail where I want the added security of being able to soak up the terrain without knowing it well.

I ride my Oregon (45NTH Dillinger 26x4 studded tire on Rolling Darryl rim) in the snow, and switch back to a “normal” frame 26" muni with Duro 26x3 tire in the summer. Winter is long here, so it’s worth the investment to me. There are plenty of excellent riders around there that ride all winter with a 3" tire, and do fine. When I ride the fat tire in the summer, it just feels like more work without any clear advantage.
As an aside, I clearly have too much money and believe everything I read here in the forum, so I tend to over-buy. I think I have enough self control to not buy a Hatchet. I’ll pretend I’m buying it for my kids, instead.

Aren’t you supposed to have all possible unicycles at your disposal? We all love unicycles and 1 doesn’t cut it. Even if the fatty isn’t gonna be the every day ride, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. :slight_smile: I would say the new KH 29 Schlumpf came with a fatty. it is a Surly Knard. The tire is fatter than the Nimbus 29" which gives it a larger diameter on the outside. Personally I find it a heavy uni and would rather stick to the Nimbus 29".

Besides my first failed attempt to build a fat freewheel unicycle, I got a 26" fat fixed wheel in November 2014. I didn’t like it because of the tire. I put a Surly Nate on it in September 2015 which was a big improvement. In that configuration I mostly rode it on sandy trails in and near a dry river bed. I also rode it on some cross country trails with a bit of elevation. However, starting April 2015 I switched from my normal 26" muni to a 24" one and have been working on my climbing and technical riding. A few weeks ago I got a Flansberrium frame and which let me put a brake on the fat wheel and since then I’ve been riding it on a variety of trails including steep, techical ones. I started with my Surly Nate and just yesterday switched to a Surly Lou (after my 2nd failed attempt at a fat freewheel). I ride a unicycle because it’s fun, challenging, and good exercise. For me the fat wheel is more so in each category. I mostly agree with Siddhartha Valmont. The fatter tire has more suspension which means it’s more forgiving. I prefer to go faster and roll over obstacles because I’m terrible at picking lines. The fatter tire also means better traction so I can torque harder uphill without spinning out and go down steep loose terrain with less skidding. I’ve been riding a steep technical trail a lot lately. I got to the point of being able to ride most of it slowly on my 24" Duro and it will take a while longer to get to the same point on the Lou. However, I feel more confident going faster on the bigger tire.

I hate mine (conditions apply)!

My fatty rides awesome in the snow. I love it in the snow. It floats and ride in whatever condition the snow is. I only use mine for the 17 months of Canadian winter we have per year and I wouldn’t use something else!

I also hate my fatty. I rode it 3 times during the summer (yes only 3). The first time, it was horrible, I thought it might have been tire pressure but I was in a hurry so I didn’t change it. I gave it a second chance. Still horrible, I kept hitting trees. The trail was very sketchy to ride, so I gave it a third chance. Third time, I was still hitting trees, I was falling for easy things all the time plus I broke my pedal half ride. That was the last time. I am convinced fatty is not for me…

Take in consideration that my summer Muni has a 2.35’’ tire on it and it feels awesome to me. My DH uni has a 2.5’’. I dont really like big tires. I like very fast unis that respond really easily. My Muni is at 10.6lbs currently.

Fatties are not for everyone, even though I hate mine, I love it when it’s snowy outside :slight_smile:

I was an early adopter and got one when the only options for tires were the Larry and Endomorph. The Larry is not a bad tire but some of the options available now sound like they are much better.

When the conditions were right the thing was a blast, but it was kind of a specialist wheel in a frame that would bash the backs of my knees (custom Triton based off their triple frame)

I sold the frame some years ago with the intention of asking Jacob to build me a new one that would be friendlier to my knees but re-discovered cross-country skiing and kind of lost interest.

If I had a 65mm rim instead of a 80mm one and a frame that didn’t leave me bruised at the end of a ride I might have enjoyed using it for more than just snow.

Thanks everybody for your answers :slight_smile: I understand that some love it and some don’t, and that it is not easy to handle. We do have 3 months with snow here, but I was thinking I would mainly ride it in the summer. When I swapped the 26X3 Duro tyre for a Surly Knard, I thought the Knard was harder to ride but way more fun. I was hoping a fatty would be like that. I still want one, but I think the wise thing would be to wait at least till after the summer vacation to see if there’s any money left (if I can control myself).

That plan just went straight to hell.

Pictures ! Pictures !! Pictures !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha!! Pictures! Details!

Sure, maybe even a video if I can ride it :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure you can ride it. A fatty does give a bigger wheel diameter, so you will have to jump a bit higher to get on. I just tried mine again today, but it is a lot heavier than the normal 29".

I also bought the fatty mainly for use in winter. A 5" studded Dillinger runs well on snow and ice. It really does not like bare asphalt. Now in summer I prefer to use a 3" tyre.

Still riding my Oregon with a Lou. I love it. It’s forgiving enough to allow me to ride off road without UPD’s so much. Not on the blacktop at all though. Just a pain in the butt there. I’ve got others for that.

Got to test my new Nimbus Hatchet yesterday, and I love it. Beforehand I was a little worried about two of the bullet points in Siddhartha Valmont’s list:

-you don’t mind riding slower/have more exercise

It felt a little heavy the first 20 minutes, but after I got warmed up, I forgot about it. I discovered that even if it’s harder work because of the rolling resistance and weight, the capability to roll over stuff also saves energy.

-you can manage feedback and steer the uni with a “strong hand”

This was my main concern, and I struggled a little bit in some situations. Even though the Surly Knard is a lot lighter I think the “steering with strong hand” is simlar, so I felt I was prepared for it.

I started out on my regular trail to compare the Hatchet to the Oracle 26. A lot of the technical stuff was doable on the Hatchet, but it suffers in the steep sections. The highlight of the ride was when I rolled over a (small) log, where I normally have to get off the uni.

Air pressure was 9 psi, which felt pretty good - I don’t think I can have much less than that.

Glad to hear you like it. I personally find that fat unis have this little something of crazy like riding a uni has it too (double-crazy? ).

Anyway, not for everybody (like other kind of unis) but lot of fun when it matches.

I like the uni rack you have for the two wheel. Thanks for the idea. Clever use out of the old bike collecting dust in my garage. A transport vehicle for the uni. I love it.

More here: Transport a uni on a bicycle