Are you riding your fatty?

My Hatchet (26x4.8) arrived today. Weather after work was thunderous so I didn’t go out.
The only bigger wheel I‘m used to is the KH 27.5, so it will be exciting for me to compare the two. I‘m really looking forward to tomaorrow. So curious!!!

New Hatchet

Congratulation! Welcome to the club!

PS: Those Thunders didn´t stop me from riding my hatchet.:slight_smile:

Now a year or so after i bought the hatchet i find it gives too much friction. Also offroad. My goto uni is the nimbus oracle 29". I just try the hatchet every now and then for fun but it just drains my energy. Half thought of selling it but will prolly hold on to it.

What tire are you using? Jumbo Jim is the choice if you want less draining tire. Even Barbegazi takes way more energy to ride, even though their tread patterns are similar. I have stopped using Vee and Maxxis fat tires for longer rides completely now.

In my former sports life I used to be a long distance runner, so I am used to expending a lot of energy for hours. But you’re right - I already feel the difference to my KH27.5. And my core‘s a little sore.

I thought a fatty was something one smoked.

I used to have Jumbo Jims on my fatbike, but I had a lot of flats. Schwalbe told me they were original considered to be first equippment for new fatbikes (Easy rolling, low weight).
I think fat tyres are a lot of fun and of lot of workout. Its just a matter of attitude. Im a fat tyred guy.:slight_smile:

Thank you! I‘m sure we can get together for a ride this year.

I‘m too chicken about possibly dangerous weather. Thunderstorms qualify as one of the very few reasons not to go out.

I’ll answer my own question: I am riding my fatty. I alternate between the Oracle 26 and the Hatchet. After 2 or 3 rides on one of them I feel like swapping to the other. They complement each other very well. I do however spend a lot more time on my 36’er now, which means less time for muni.

You’re right about the friction

Had my first Hatchet trip yesterday, and boy, it’s hard work. But it’s just what I hoped it would be - I could ride puddles and sand and mud and leave a lot of interesting tracks where even b*cycleriders won’t go.
7 km (half XC and half road) feel like 12 km on a KH27.5.

I found it easy though to keep a high pace (for me this is 95rpm).

Not quite a true fatty, but I put a Vee 3" tyre on my G29 for use over the winter, and I actually quite liked it. It obviously made things slow compared to the Marathon Supreme, and I had to run my long crank holes to get any control over it, but I loved how I could literally ride it anywhere comfortably. It handled road camber like crap, and made a racket on tarmac, but I’ll definitely switch back to it once the season of (road) cycling events is over in my city! :smiley:

Ya, I’m rolling real ones but I’m only riding plus sizes. 3"-3 1/4"

Mee too

I’m also riding a plus tire. G26 wih 3.5" fast rolling road tire. It makes my XC quite easy than before it

tyre pressure

Hello Hendrik, play with the tyre pressure.
Increase the pressure by 0.2 atm and 7 km on the hatchet will feel like 9 km on the KH 27.5.:slight_smile:
On my fatbike I use to ride 0.8 atm in soft conditions and 1.2 atm in hard conditions. But most of the time I ride 1.0 atm.
I have too less experiences riding my hatchet for longer distances, so you have to play with the pressure by yourself.


How do you find a 3.5" ‘fast rolling road tyre’ behaves? I always find the bigger the tyre, the worse it is for road camber. Also curious to know how quick it is compared to a skinny one :smiley:

I saw this thread title and I had an urge to tell you a story about a woman I know…

Cannot give you a speed comparison: I’m a beginner unicyclist (1 year and an half) so no high speed for me. I could say that little bumps on the road now doesn’t exist anymore making my ride more easy. I can also wobble lot less than with a 2.1" tire. I feel the increased traction on little uphill but cannot decide about the drag… it’s completely different from a low-mid pressure gravel XC setup than with a mid-high pressure road setup. I’m using a Veetire Speedster

I got a hatchet for Christmas. I started riding with the tire pumped up pretty high. That is >15 psi or so. It worked great on the packed snow trails I was riding on. I had no problems. The packed snow it like riding on concrete - nice and smooth.

The snow melted and I discovered that I should ride with lower pressure! When I hit my first root, I was bounced right off the uni! Now I am trying to ride with around 10 psi. Yet, I still feel quite a bounce, but I can stay on. Trails in Maine are known for being rooty.

Or you could just learn how to handle bumps, then you wouldn’t have to ride extremely low tire pressures, have a lot of rolling resistance, difficulties making sharp turns, and general weird floatiness…

I agree with finnspin, and add that riding on an extremely forgiving tire may actually interfere with learning how to handle bumps. I don’t own a fatty, so maybe I’m not qualified to comment on this thread. Nevertheless, over time I’ve moved from a wider, lower pressure tire to a narrower, higher pressure tire. When I experiment with lower pressure, certain conditions are improved, but the overall responsiveness goes to hell (problems alluded to by finnspin, above). Some newbies are attracted to fat tires, I think, because they allow them to succeed riding over obstacles. Beware of this kind of success. It’s not really you succeeding, it’s the tire.