Are torker unicycles a good brand?

I found a 24 inch torker for sale. 75 bucks, that is all i know. is this a deal i should jump on?

Torkers are ok. Lower-mid level. Price may be a little high if it is used but if it is ‘like new’ it could be reasonable. If you can afford a new Nimbus you will probably be happier in the long run.

I have a 24" Torker. Still ride it around a little bit but don’t really go anywhere on it. I plan to keep it. Truth is it isn’t bad. It is well made but the wheel is heavy and the seat isn’t as comfortable as a Nimbus or KH.

if it’s a dx then it’s a great deal. if it’s an lx it’s good if it’s in good condition.


I have the torker dx24, and am really happy with it. Its really solid - maybe a bit heavier than some, but for Muni its just great.

Good point to specify model. Mine is an AX which I believe is discontinued. The frame is aluminum but it is heavy anyway because none of the parts are light.

If you’re just getting into the sport and it’s your first uni, and it doesn’t have problems (like bent cranks, broken seat, etc etc) then I’d say it’s a decent deal. That being said though, I like to buy things that are of quality, that will last me, and that if I choose to get rid of it, I can make back some if not almost all of my money on it.

Torker was selling unicycles for a lot of years before there was a DX, LX or AX. The OP doesn’t know the model, so whether it’s a great value is undetermined. As to whether Torker is a good brand, the answer is definitely yes.

Oops! Sorry, I learned on an LX, so that is what I was basing my opinion from.

EDIT: Also I believe Torker has been working on their new line. The new LX has a different crown and I think they are working on their seats? (torker seats are pretty bad truthfully, but I learned on one…)

I have a 07 24dx that is use for MUni and urban assult and commuting. It is a
TANK it has a tons of dent and the crown is dented in and have done 1000s of big drops and the only weak point is the tire put a 3in tire on it and the seat is not bad but it is not great.

All that said, I think you could do a lot worse for $75. Some of the garbage I’ve seen on the local classifieds where people ask that kind of money for something with lollipop bearings and a busted seat or even some of the new Norco unis that cost more than the UDC Club unicycles.

Buy it, learn to ride and then donate it to a friend and buy something better.

Torker is a well known brand. So for $75, it’s a good deal. Something new around $75 bucks would probably be made of a brand that no one really knows