Are sun unicycles any good?

So I went to the bike shop up the street hoping to buy a Torker unistar LX 24" but the guy behind the counter had never heard of Torker. He recommended a Sun unicycle.The Sun was around $30.00 cheaper than the Torker. Which brand do you guys recommend? Thanks.

I have an older version of a sun unicycle, its a 20-inch, the saddle has bumpers but no handle, the frame is blue, the rim is blue, I have black pedals and cranks on it, it looks really nice.

I learned on it and it has held up to everything i put it through, and 2 of my friends have learned on it, and they crashed way more than I did, and i caught the seat, while they just let it smash down to the ground, and all it has is a few scratches on the bumpers and some on the cranks\frame from learning SIF hopping and crank\pedal grabs.

The newer version, has a t-fork, so its way better for foot-on-frame tricks, and also has a better, comfier saddle, with a handle! =p

I’m not sure how well they hold up to a torker lx, ive had my sun just as long as my friend has had his LX, and they are still in good condition, and we have both beaten them up, so from experience I can say they are about equal to each other.

If the sun is the only thing you can get, then get it, you’ll be glad you did. =p

Also. welcome to the forums!!!

Thanks Jerrick! I can get the torker on-line. But I want to get the better uni and I don’t know witch one that is.

It’s generally accepted that the Torker LX is a better unicycle, while you can still learn fine on the sun I recommend the torker.

Hmm, the Sun and Torker LX are pretty much the same, but to be precise, the Torker LX is slightly better than the Sun.

my experience is that a sun is worse than a cx.
get the lx

in short no they suck get an lx im selling mine it needs new cranks and pedals 40 bucks +ship its 3months old

lol sorry but that doesn’t sound like a good way to sell it :confused:

My friend got a Sun and my other friend has a torker, I would go with the Torker. on the sun the crank-spindle slips inside the hub. Ask the shop if they are willing to give you a warranty on the uni if anything fails like hte hub slipping or stripping or anything like that. if he does then go for it, otherwise i wouldn’t risk it.

my 2.5 cents

If all you want to ever do on your unicycle is get on and ride then feel free to get a Sun. If you want to do anything one-footed, hopping, or just about anything else get a different uni. Something torker or nimbus. But if you want to get good on a unicycle DONT GET A SUN OR YOU WILL REGRET IT. :angry: :angry: :angry:

Who here has ridden a sun in the last month or two? anyone even see the newer model? they hold up just as well as the LX does, only thing is, torker has a better name to it, and the suns t-frame, sticks out to the sides a little, but it never bothered me.

I have a sun uni with a round crown frame and a seat with bumpers, no handles. I have learned on it, done trials on it (3 foot drops) and jumped 4 steps on it and it has held up fine. It has lasted me over a year of hard riding without breaking. I paid $80 for it

ive got a lx and old sun, they are both fine, i love both the seats, ive gone through 2 pairs of cranks and pedals on the lx and a tre but that will happen all the time, ive done upto 4 stairs on both and picnic tables and such and they are both fine

man trhis is bringin back the memory of getting home and seeing a box labeled “SUN” and riding my brand spankin new uni for the first time, it was soooo pretty, now its rusty and scratched but still good

dude … this sun does NOT look bad @ all … in fact i think that if you can get a warranty on it ( i don’t know if they fixed the hub slip problem) get this one … it is a little more expensive, but the seat itself is $40.00 and it looks like a fairly good unicycle
4 1/4 inch tire wow!

me too! for as cheap a unicycle as it was, it has held up surprisingly well, though i haven’t put it through much extreme unicycling.

the only problems I’ve had are the seatpost twisting (the clamp bends the seatpost) and the pedals got destroyed after about a year of teaching like 8 people.

oh, and the seat isn’t very comfortable.

I actually like the seat for SIF, it fits my hand really well and the cheap foamy stuff they use feels nice on the hand.

yeah that seat rocks for sif. I find with just normal hopping on hot days the seat sticks to pants alot. Do all uni seats do that?

ive seen a few sun unis and i think to be honest the lx is the way to go … i just got a new older version of the DX and i love it and ive riden the lx quite a bit… i would have to say the lx is the better choice … not up to me though :stuck_out_tongue:

i ride a torker unistar and its gr8!!!:smiley: